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Dating a man from Ghana

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Well Ive been skpying, talking on viber and he calls me locally as well. Weve been talking since August of this year. I plan to meet him in person to marry on spring break of next year which would be March.

As weve talked hes sent me tons of pictures of him daily..and pictures where he lives in the family house in teshie, in Accra city. We skype from his job. He will be the one to pick me up from the airport. He is really cautious about me using debit card there in Ghana cause of scammers. That he prefer for me to use travel check for my expenses.

Im aware of his income that he shared with me.and ive also shared mines with him.He states how much he loves me and how he is a very honest man. I absolutely beleive him cause of what hes gone through to prove to me.His love for me is no scam.Ive received a copy of his passport and birth certificate and crinimal history casue i requested it and he send all to me.

I decided to post this about a ghana man and our relationship. So with all this said I want to hear comments good or bad about should i be worried at all?


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      "... I plan to meet him in person to marry on spring break of next year which would be March..."

    That is insane. You're going to MARRY someone who you're never met?! Seriously?! Are you nuts?!

    "... That he prefer for me to use travel check for my expenses..."

    Of course he does. So simple to scam TCs...

    Wake up!

  • Nesiha - your heading reads Dating a Man in Ghana................NOT - you are not dating him. A date is when a man picks you up, takes you to a restaurant, good conversation, maybe a glass of wine and kisses you goodnight at your front door!! Just know that you are being taken for a very big ride, which is not a date.
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    Neisha, I completely agree with Terry and Lesley. You do not know this man at all and you are definitely NOT dating. 

    Sending you copies of a passport, birth certificate and police report are meaningless and probably not worth the paper they are written on. You should not be thinking of marrying a man you have never met nd really know nothing about.

    You do not say what country you're from but no doubt the future plan is for Mr Wonderful to move to your country after you are married. Not everyone is a short term scammer on the internet, some people are in it for the long haul, marriage, move to USA, UK, Europe etc even have child/children, once they have permanent residence or citizenship they are gone. 

    We are not bitter twisted people who have had bad experiences, both Lesley and I are married to "foreign" men and as an immigration lawyer I deal every day with people who marry men and women from different countries.

    Neisha, you need a reality check [-X
  • Am amazed by you Neisha and don't think you are serious, however if you are serious, take heed from what everyone's advising you and don't try to be a champion. The best I can do for you is to state the reason why your friend from Ghana is so nice and why you will end up losing everything. For starters am African and work in that part of Africa. Poverty is rampant and everyone is trying to get ahead by all means possible. Fortunately some people achieve this through hard work and others unfortunately prey on nice people with good intentions to get ahead. The process by which they prey on you is usually through relentless proclamations of love and undying need to meet you as long as you depart with some small money at first followed by large sums. Anyway these pests are very cunning and assuming you are not careful they can leave you broke with nowhere to turn. So why am I writing something like this that paints me and many other Africans in bad light, because I don't like people like this chap from Ghana giving us Africans a bad name. I hope you really take our advice and revert to a more traditional approach, by visiting the country, get to know the people in it and make friends before you start making commitments with a stranger online.

    Good luck and don't say we didn't try our bets to help.
  • me its not right as you dnt know him personally ..bare in mind..people use such to get their way to the u.s.a and other European countries.
  • Vandyck you have dug up old posts just to write unintelligble nonsense.
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    I'm aware that my comment is two years late but having read the original post, I thought to chip in with my experience and that of others. Any person – be it from Ghana, other African countries or other 'developing' places – that jumps onto the suggestion of marriage and/or having kids within practically an hour of 'meeting' you should be avoided at all costs, as it's pretty obvious that they want an easy passage to stay in your country and gain citizenship. You can't want to marry somebody you don't even know, let alone way before knowing if you're compatible with them in the first place to have a relationship. Moreover, marriages of conveniences are rather common among Ghanaians, Nigerians, etc. Finally, until you meet that person properly, you shouldn't trust any pictures or documents sent to you as it's easy to stage situations as it's easy to forge documents. Of course, if you have since married him after all, that's purely your choice. My only hope is the guy is still with you and that he was genuine.

    I've only had one experience with a Ghanaian but after my many bad experiences with Nigerians [virtually all of which were attempts to use me to stay in the country], I was looking out for the signs and thankfully, this guy showed his red, flaming hand too early: constantly talking about marrying and having kids with me after a day of us having met, talking about how he wanted to 'find a wife and settle down' specifically in my country, spreading a photo I (now regret having) took with him to his friends and family to pretend we were in a relationship, trying to get me to visit his place – specifically his room (???!), trying to invite himself to my place, talking luridly about my body, stalking out places I went... the list can go on. Not once did I even say I liked him. I simply said hi, yet he generally presumed we were having a relationship. I'm glad I cut contact after a few weeks, particularly after finding out months later that he had children back home in Ghana.
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