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UK visa requirments for South Africans

Hi Guys.
Need some advice please.
I am a South African citizen and have a work permit for the UK. Do I need a visa to go to Glasgow ?

Many thanks


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    Hi there,

    Glasgow is part of the UK and you don't need a visa to visit!!!

    I'm looking to find out if i will be able to go back to South Africa on and emergency 2 week holiday with two months left till my SA passport expires, I have UK residency - indefinate leave to remain - Will they let me back in the UK with only two months till expiry?

    Many thanks*
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    I have a South African passport and live in the USA (have permanent residence). I was told I did not need a visa to visit the UK and today was turned away at Fort Myers airport by Continental airlines as they said I required a visa. I was told I can get one in Houston if I fly there and sit a day. I have no way of confirming this and dont want to waste money. I have tried looking on the computer but everything have been told that basically I have to go the long route. I desperately need to see my daughter and she only has this week off work..... it will be too late. Any suggestions.... desperate !!!

    I could fly up Sunday and go early morning monday, but then will it be done in one day ?

    Help !
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