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How to get an Egyptian visa?

edited November 2014 in - Egypt
hi!! i am a filipino working here in hongkong and I am planning to visit egypt by december. what are the requirements needed to obtain the visa? How much would it cost and How long will it take?


  • If you want to travel then For visits of up to 30 days, you can get a visa on arrival by payment some US Dollars or Euros; As i know the visa fee of Egypt is near about US$25.
  • Unquirer, ignore Alexander011 you need to apply for visa for Egypt from The Egyptian Consulate in Hong Kong
  • i have called the egyptian consulate here in hongkong but they advise me to get the visa from my country of origin which is obviously waste of time and money for me if i still have to go back just to apply from there,

    one more option i asked them is ' if a friend of mine , a local egyptian, can apply for me in egypt and just send it to me but they cannot give me an answer

    do you have any idea if this could work
  • I dont understand the Egyptian Consulate as you are allowed to apply for a visa in your country of residence not your country of origin. As for a friend from Egypt sending you a visa that is not possible.
    I suggest you ignore what the person said on the phone and apply anyway.
  • ok thanks! i'll just visit the consulate personaly then.
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