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visa to get married in tunisa

edited November 2014 in - Tunisia
I am Filipino, I worked in Dubai for 5 years and I met my fiance Tunisian and suddenly i got pregnant without married so i need to go back to my country. Now I am planning to apply visa to Tunisia with my 1 year old son and to get married with my fiance. My son is in my name (it means unknown father in his document). My question is, How to process the papers in Tunisia if his Father want to acknowledge that he is the father? what is the requirements needed?
Another question is, what is more easy to apply , tourist visa or visa to get married. What are the requirements if i will apply visa to get married?
Thank you so much. im hoping ur reply..


  • Just apply for a tourist visa, that will be the easiest way and sort matters out with your fiance when you arrive in Tunisia.
    Lesley will be able to tell you if can put the fathers name on a birth certificate, I think you can but Lesley will know.
  • cmoijouvee, the short answer is yes, you can have your fiance registered as the father of your child. I will check on all the documentation you will need but it does go on your fiance's birth certificate. Of course you should understand that children who are born without married parents are shunned in this society and not treated very well. 

    These are some things that you should keep in your mind:

    Your future husband having declared the child as his is entitled by our laws to keep that child in Tunisia!  As your future husband is Muslim the child is Muslim.  Your child will be entitled to a Tunisian passport and this passport must be used each time he enters and leaves Tunisia.  He can hold dual citizenship.

    I will find out all the documentation needed by both of you and post here tomorrow

  • thank you for ur reply , I really apprecieted .... and i still waiting for the document u will post....more power to u guys...
  • cmoijouvee - here is the answer to what you will need to do. Firstly you will have to get a visa for both yourself and your child to visit Tunisia. If necessary, your fiance can support your documentation. You should have the birth certificate of the child when you enter Tunisia (this is very important). Once you are in Tunisia, you should have all your documentation translated into Arabic this must include your certificate of no impediment to marry (a certificate that confirms that you are single and able to marry), an original birth certificate no older than 21 days prior to the date of your marriage. If you have been married previously you will need original marriage certificate and certificate of divorce, you should have the original certificate of birth of your child. Then you and your fiance will have blood tests marry as soon as you can. Your then husband can then claim parenthood of the child and register him with the authorities and proof of his legitimacy will be added to the certificate of birth of your husband.  He can then apply for a carte de sejour for you which will give you 3 months visit in Tunisia.  At this point your child will not need one as he will be considered a Tunisian and a Muslim.  Your husband will know and understand this process.  Please let me know if you need any further questions answered and good luck!
  • Lesley, thank you very much for the information, it really matters to me. but only one thing its have been puzzle to me about that u said, )original birth certificate no older than 21 days prior to the date of your marriage).what doesn't mean? bec. when i got my birth certificate here, its not written the date when i get, it has only in the receipt...thank u
  • cmo - you should try to get a new original birth certificate dated not more than 21 days before your marriage. Example - if you were to marry on December 21 then your birth certificate receipt date should be no older than November 30.
  • hi to all, have a very wonderfull day to you. i am now here in Tunisia but we have a problem regarding the ligitimation of my son so he can use his father name. can you please help me how to process it. before we are going to start. it really highly needed. thank you
  • Your fiance should be able to claim rights to the child by declaration. What problems are you having? He can go to the court for this
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