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Working visa requirements for an Australian going to France?

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Im an australian considering on moving to france to work for just under 12 months, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out by explaining what requirements i would have to meet to be able to do that and basically how i would go about getting that specific kind of working visa( where i would need to contact for approval). Also, what kind of restrictions would i face, as i know in Australia, foreigners holding working visas are giving a certain limit of working hours per week etc. I do know that the schengen visa is a stay for up to 90 days, but i dont think that gives permission to work??


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    zozo - start by taking a look through this France expat guide which has some information on working visa requirements.
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    Zozo, 4 ways to consider.
    1. Contact French Embassy/French Consul in country where you are living.
    2. Contact Australian Embassy in France.
    3. Have a look at "The Rough Guide to France".
    4. Contact friends/associates who already have gone through process.
    Give yourself plenty of time to obtain documentation. Assume you will have to pay and maybe visit an embassy office in person. Good luck. Self guided cycling holidays in Normandy, France
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