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Validity of passport for WORK visa to UK

Dear all,

I hold Indian passport and my visa expires on Feb 2016. I wish to apply for 3 year Tier-2 general visa in December as i have to join university of Cambridge from Jan. 

Now, i have lot of doubts regarding the validity of passport required. at some places it is mentioned that only 6 months validity is required , while other place it mentioned that 6 months in addition to required stay i.e. 3 years in my case is required and  lastly official partner for UK visa says that only valid passport is required with no mention of validity.

I also learnt that on passport expiry UK visa can be transferred to new passport

As I can not renew the passport only after Feb 2015, can i apply on this passport only and then renew it in UK close to its expiry.

Also can my wife apply dependent visa later on the same day as she will be only flying to UK in May or she has to delay her visa application?

I have not got reply for last email which was sent one week back. I hope this forum helps me

Nitin Sharma


  • edited November 2014
    Your visa is valid for 14 months, you have plenty of time to apply for a visa, if when you are granted a visa and your passport is due to expire you apply for a new one in the UK. 

    You and your wife should apply for your visas at the same time.
    Who did you email?
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