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Someone gives u 100,000 ringgit. is it real?

edited November 2014 in - Malaysia
Just asking for advice... anyone encounters this before???
A friend of mine receives 100,000 ringgit from an online "boyfriend" whom she has not met before. She asks for proof of love like allowances, next moment, got 100k in her account. She claims it's real. I told her to check but she wants to have faith. I suspects it's scam. (Who on earth will give 100k to someone who he had not met!!!) Unless he is super rich tycoon?!???? Today it's day 3 or 4 that she has that money in her bank.... He claims to be working with Petronas. And will get 5mil after he reaches land. He says he is going to marry her. (Just day 7 into their relationship???)
Please let me know if anyone has some encounters?


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    Unbelievable  :O Your friend meets a guy online and in less than a week he supposedly puts $30,000 in her bank account. Of course its a scam. Usually these scammers deposit a cheque which after several days bounces.Scammers use the bank details to clear out a persons bank account 

    Do you think normal people do such things? Of course not. Your friend has seriously screwed values asking for money as " proof of love"
    By the way Malaysia has money laundering laws, if this money is in her bank account where has it come from? Your friend could be in trouble,

    Petronas has this on their website, they are aware of scammers
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    A complete stranger now has her banking information. That's a GREAT idea, haha...

  • Thanks dears!!! I will check it out!!!!
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