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edited November 2014 in - Tunisia
Hello any one
My ex wants a divorce we have been together for 13 years and have 2 children
He is Tunisian I am English
We are going through a divorce in Tunisia cause wearied there but all I want to know is he wants my sons birth certifate both my kids are in my name plus there birth certificates don't have him in them!
So why does he want it?
And can we do a divorce with out it


  • edited November 2014
    I am guessing your husband wants the boys birth certificate so he can make a Tunisian birth certificate and a passport. If your husband is your childrens father, they are automatically Tunisian citizens, if they ever went to Tunisia under the age of 18 you would not be able to bring them back to the UK. Tunisia is not a member of the Hague Convention on abducted children.

    If you were married, why is your husband not on the childrens birth certificates ? Its hard to understand that you have been married to a Tunisian for 13 years and do not know your children are automatically Tunisian citizens via their father.

    Of course you can divorce without your sons birth certificate
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