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siberian husky puppy .. is it a scam?

edited November 2014 in Expat Advice
I was trying to find a puppy for my dad at craiglist and i found this lady with huskys. So i purchased a siberian husky puppy for $150 from Arizona. Every time i transfer money the airport tells me to transfer it to Cameroon. They said I had to purchase 550$ for insurance so i did. Then they said that my dog was already in Houston but they couldnt deliver it to my house because he needed a permit cite for $350. So i purchased it, and now they tell me my dog has been at pet travel agency, Kentucky on transit flight at Tulsa International Airport. They are now asking for $780 for a Canine Certificate. They say the purchase that I've made are going to be refundable when I receive my puppy. Also that that will be the last purchase I will have to make. And if i dont make the payment the puppy is going to go to Quarantine and I'm not going to get my money back. Also I would have consequences and later on pay 5,000$. .... I don't know what I should do? The lady that I bought the dog from helped me out with the insurance and permit. But now she won't answer my texts her Samantha Jacob and her email is [email protected] . The airport that I have been contacting is [email protected] and they say their website is under construction because it has bee hacked. Someone please help me?


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