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Can I be a gurantor/reference for Visitor's visa to my family while I am in India ?

edited November 2014 in - Scandinavia
Alle sammen ! :)

I currently live in Mumbai, India and have a 3 year valid residents permit for skilled workers in Norway. Have a few questions:

1. While being in India can I be a reference person for my family in Norway ? Is there any paper work I can do here to help them ?

2. How much minimum amount of money they need in their bank accounts to be able to give their own financial gurantee's ? In INR ofcourse

3. Is there a limit of family members I can be a reference to ?

4. How soon after the 3 years visitors visa expiration, would they be allowed to renew it or apply for it again ? Is there need to be a time gap before they reapply ?

5. While they apply for a visitors visa, and lets say its valid and in action, can they apply for a family immigration with me ? How much minimum time it takes for them ?

Thanks for any help.

Tussen takk !


  • You are not living or working in Norway but you want to be a reference for your family who are in Norway. ?
    Are you nuts? 
    You cannot assist them from India you are not a Norwegian citizen. You have a 3 year skilled worker permit but you are not living or working there, do you think that the Norwegian authorities would fail to check your whereabouts. some of the questions on this site are beyond belief.
  • Alethia... honestly... I can't believe you even have the patience to respond to this...

  • =)) I listen to stuff like this ( and worse ) in my office ,except there I get paid  :[email protected]
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