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Tryg insurance : Can I claim while I am sick ?

edited November 2014 in - Scandinavia
Alle sammen !

I am having a travel Insurance from Tryg in Norway, provided by my employer. While travelling from Norway to India I got infection and fell sick for a week, and had to cancel my ticket back to Norway.

Is there any medical claim I am titled to ? If yes, does it needs to be the medical bills only or I can claim a specific amount of medical fee from Tryg ?

I am not sure, but one of my colleague just triggered this weird thought to me

Any comments would be appreciated.

Tusen takk !


  • What you're entitled to depends entirely on your policy. You'll need to submit receipts for your medical treatment to the agency upon your return to Norway.
  • One of the facets of travel insurance is to cover you for sickness or accident when you travel. You need to support your claim with medical evidence and medical bills. You cannot just say you were ill and expect the insurance company to pay out. 
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