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help in to hire Minibus in London

hi everyone

I am gone take a long leave from office in next to next month and yet not

decided where I have to spend my holidays.

If anyone has some good ideas than tell me


  • It would be nice to know what country you live in and why do you want to hire a minibus in London?
  • Emma, are you a real human being or yet another spam program? ;-)

  • edited November 2014
    Dear Alethia & Cheers

    I am a female not a spammer .
    I want to hire minibus becoz I am new in UK and me and my friends interestred to visit and do some picnic in London like Richmond and after that Singapore & Malaysia will be our next visit.
    =D> ^:)^
  • Hi Emma.
    You need to go to a reputable company such as Sixt, there are many other hire companies in the UK 
  • Thanks for confirming you're human, Emma.

    Have a nice trip.

  • Thanks to both of u
     Alethia & CheerTerry
  • @emmawatson

    This is your final warning for spam links. One more and you will be banned.
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