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Confused after applying for Schengen Visa

Last thursday I had an appointment with Spain Embassy for schengen visa. They took all my documents and after 15-20 mins they took my finger print but didnt take my photo and handed me my passport back with a visa enrollment receipt and told me to come back again on the mentioned date and time with my passport. But I don't know if it has been approved or not. And I am confused that they took my finger print but didn't take the photo I provided. Does that mean that there won't be my photo on the visa? Anyone has any idea about this?


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    Nobody have any idea on this?  :((
  • Did you provide 2 photographs with your application form? If so they will use one of these. If not then you should have asked when your biometrics were being taken as your photo is normally on the visa.
  • I provided 2 photographs, one pasted on the application form and the other separate but a bit later after he took the documents. Later when he took my finger print and gave me the receipt, I told him that he left the loose photograph. Then he took the photograph and gave it to me and said it is not needed. But I read their website and it says I must submit 2 photographs.
  • Did you apply through the Embassy direct or with VFS?  May be you should contact them and voice your concerns as it sounds rather odd. If not you will have to wait for the outcome of the visa.
  • I applied direct through the Embassy. I will contact them tomorrow as they are off today. I was looking for someone if he/ she had any idea why the guy from the Embassy returned me the photo. 
  • Usually the photo pasted on the form is for their records the second photo is for the visa. But why would people on an internet forum know why the guy at the Embassy returned your photo ?  Duh #-o
  • :( Maybe there are some people on the internet who had the same experience.. thats why I asked
  • Just call the Embassy , that is the best thing to do.
  • Yes.. Hopefully tomorrow.
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