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marriage in turkey

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I was wondering if someone could help please. Im getting married at the end of next year in kusadasi turkey. Do i need a blood test done before marriage. Ive heard in some places you dont need it and others you do?


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    It is a legal requirement in Turkey for everyone (Turks and non Turks) to have a blood test before marriage. The blood tests are ordered by the Turkish Marriage Bureau (registry office) where you go to book the wedding. The Marriage Bureau will advise you which clinic to go to for the blood tests. You and your fiance will go together and the test will be completed the same day.

    The blood test displays your blood type and the results show any contagious diseases, HIV, Hepatitis B&C, Syphilis and Thalassemia. 

    My husband and I had the blood test before we married in Turkey, its no big deal.
  • Ok thanks also is it possible to take my health certificate from the uk and use that in turkey as iv already had hiv, hepatitis b and c tests done?
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    No, you cannot use health certificates from the UK you are required by the Turkish marriage law to have the blood test done in Turkey. Also your British certificate does not cover the range of tests required see my previous post.

    Here is the wedding page from the Kusadai Beleyde ( Kusadasi Municipality) . It clearly states that Turkish Health reports are required.
    This is not just about you. Everyone must have the blood tests done, I don't understand your problem in trying to avoid this simple test. 
    Please don't come up with the excuse your afraid of needles, as that is simply childish.
  • Hi there,

    My name is Nidale and I'm Lebanese, my fiance is a British citizen and we are planning to get married in Istanbul in January 2015. I was wondering if there is an agency who can help us with our papers, medical tests and the marriage office.

    Many thanks
  • Which hotel will you stay in Istanbul/ As many hotels have a service to help with weddings.
  • Im not scared its just what ive been told as alot of people dont have blood test and others do my friend married her turkish husband in kusadasi and she didnt have a blood test done so i was only asking why some people do need it and sone dont im not bothered i can have it done its just strange how some poeple have to have it done and some dont. Here in england we dont have things like that if you wanna get married you just get married.
  • Also we plan to marry end of next yr. Can we get the tests done at the beginning of the year so it gives us plenty of time do sort out the wedding? As i have to give my family and friends here plenty of notice.
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    I find it hard to believe your friend did not have a blood test as it is a legal requirement.. You need to discuss your plans with the Kusadasi Marriage bureau, normally you have the blood test when you book your wedding. People in Turkey do not plan wedding months or years in advance like people do in Britain.

    The civil marriage service in Turkey is very brief and there is no exchanging of rings, your fiance should know all of this, his mother certainly will.
  • What u mean the civil marriage service is there different kinds of weddingswe are wanting a proper wedding with exchanging rings and vows.
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    There is only one type of wedding in Turkey and its the equivalent of the register office wedding in the UK.
    Religious weddings are not legal in Turkey.

    The nice thing is you can marry where you want , a village, a restaurant, a garden on the beach or actually in the register office. The register office can be quite small so thats why many people marry in another venue.

    On the wedding day you will require two witnesses with their passports or ID cards if they are Turkish.
    The ceremony is very short and its conducted in Turkish. I assume you do not speak Turkish so you must have a translator (not the bridegroom)  You can answer in English and the person translating will reply in Turkish.

    You are asked if there is any impediment to prevent you from marrying then the bride and groom and witnesses sign the paperwork. In minutes you are man and wife,and the celebrations can begin.
    Sometimes the registrar allows you to say a poem or make vows but this must be prearranged. Turks do not usually do this as the registration is not the big part of the wedding its the celebrations that count and they have many traditions.

    As you are getting married in the winter you certainly won't have problem to find a venue.

    This is the blog of two British people who both reside in Turkey its all about their wedding.

    As you live in the UK you must arrange an Affidavit which must be notarised and certified by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the registry office in Turkey. The affidavit is only valid for about six months, you will not be able to book your wedding until you have completed this document. This is required by the British Marriage to Foreigners Act as well as the Turkish registry office.

  • Hi i do speak turkish so that will not be a problem. Also can i get the affidavit from here or do i get that in turkey. Also if any tests come back positive for example if my fiancee tested positive will we still be allowed to get married?
  • Hi Alethia,

    My fiance and I are staying at Oba Hotel and we were trying to get some information about the procedures from the hotel manager. Anyway what he said that Fatih municipality is the nearest municipality and it takes one month for the documents and to get an appointment to get married. We don't have one month, we only have 2 weeks vacation from work
  • Sara1088 here is the information you require for the affidavits

    If either you or your fiance had any illness shown in the blood tests you would be referred for treatment an presumably the wedding would be delayed.
  • Nidale it most certainly does not take one month to get an appointment for a wedding.
    before he can marry. You will need evidence you are also free to marry.

    You will need the following documents:-
    Your birth certificates ( long one with both mother and fathers names on it)
    If you have been married before either your divorce decree or spouses death certificate
    5 passport photos 
    Translate the documents to Turkish and take them to the Istanbul Governor's office to be certified ( it takes about 45 minutes and its free)
    Take all these translated , certified documents and photos to the Fatih Marriage Bureau and book the wedding, they will send you for blood tests (takes one day)
    You  can be married any time after that there is no waiting period or waiting for documents.
    All you need is a reliable translator.   
    Good luck :x
  • Ok thank you very much for your help.
  • Thank you Alethia, I appreciate your help :)
  • Alethia I was wondering If by any chance you know an agency who can help us in Istanbul with all the procedures because so far the hotel we booked is not that reliable.
    Many thanks :)
  • I do not personally know a wedding planner in Istanbul as my home is in Antalya. 
    The expat network recommend wedding planners look here
    Also someone told me about a woman call Neslihan who is an event planner in Istanbul

    I hope you find someone.:)
  • Hi Alethia :-)

    We want to marry in Istanbul by next May/June; we are foreigners with tourist visa.....we are from 2 different countries .Can we marry in Turkey? I guess yes, but I wanna make sure about that....Should we certify our translated documents by Turkish Embassy in our countries or we need to do it In Turkey? the marriage in turkey recognized by other countries? like Algeria/Iran?
    where we can find translator/interpreter in istanbul for our marriage? And how much does it cost ?does the registery office of marriage provides translators? and how much is the wedding celebration (we will only be maximum 8 people)/the blood and all the check up/x rays...
    our budjet is limited.

    Thank you for your help :-) (sorry for so may questions)
  • Hi im Algerian going to marry a British women in istanbul next month .we ve been there last month for visit an my qeustion is if we marry there .can i ask for a visa to UK to join my wife there .what is the prcuder an how .eny help or information will be aprechiate thank you
  • Hi .i need advise or info
    im Algerian want to marry my fiancèe in istanbul when we will marry is there a chance to ask for visa to UK from there ? to join my wife
    what is the procuder
    thanks a lot im lookinf forward for your inswer
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    Once you are married you can apply for a UK visa. As an Algerian you must submit your documents to the British visa centre in Tunisia.
    I am surprised you are not marrying in Tunisia as it is cheaper and easier than a wedding in Istanbul and you speak the same language.

    To apply for a UK spouse visa your wife must earn more than £18,600 per annum she must have 6 months bank statements and payslips proving she earns this money.Letter from her employer contract of employment etc Your own accomodation rented or bought.
    All the evidence you need is in the document FMSE UK Guidance which you will find on line.
    You must take the IELTS English test for a spouse level A1 this costs around £150
    The fees are around £1000 visa fee and £600 health insurance

    Good luck you will need it
  • Hello Alethia , i am from Tunisia and i have my fiance from UK so want go to marry on turkey as there is no flights to tunisia at this moment :( please can you tell me if i will have a problem when i come back to tunisia and ask for Supose visa because i married on turkey ? and please tell me if they can refused my spouse visa because there is a diffrence age (17 yers ) ? she have more the 18.600£ per annum and she have a house. answer me please as really i need your help :) thank you very much
  • There are plenty of flights to Tunisia. There are no package holidays to Tunisa at present but there are definately flights from the UK to Tunisia. So whoever is telling you there are no flights to Tunisia from the UK is misinformed.

    You will not have a problem if you marry inTurkey.

    It is usual for Tunisian men to marry older European/British women because older women have more money a good paying job and a home. Younger women dont have this. Older women are so besotted with their Tunisian man they will do and pay anything.
    The British Embassy see applications with these age difference all the time. The visa is granted not on age but compliance with the rules. However, the failure of these marriages is very high and the visa can be refused under rule E.ECP.2.10
    The applicant and sponsor must intend to live together permanently in the UK
    The British Embassy are fully aware of Tunisian "bezness"

  • thanks for your answer but i want tell you that i am not "bezness" i just meet my fiance here in tunisia and we don't feel this age difference at all , but that 100% they will refused my visa ? and please tell me when i married there on turkey do i need to go to register my marriage certificate at the tunisian embassy on turkey or i don't need ?
  • You will need to register your marriage with the Tunisian Embassy but the British government recognises Turkish marriage certificate so that will not be a problem.
    Get good help and advice on your marriage visa application as it is very complicated and you stand a good chance to be granted the visa
    Istanbul is a fantastic city enjoy your wedding and honeymoon
  • can you tell me please how it's very complicated ?
  • I mentioned in an earlier reply to you document Appendix FM and also Appendix FM -SE
    of the UK immigration rules, you will find ALL information on line
  • Alethia thank you very much for your help and sorry for many questions :) can you tell me how longe time i need to wait after mariage till i get the visa ? and if they refused it do i can ask again or what ?
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    You can apply immediately after your marriage for the spouse visa provided your wife has all the documents required by the immigration rules.
    If the visa is refused you have the right of appeal which can take about one year,if the visa is refused you loose all the fees you have paid so you must get it right
  • Bouhmid - why do you want to marry in Turkey?? Getting married here in Tunis is much easier and quicker. I can tell you now that you will need permission to marry in Turkey from the Tunisian Embassy in Istanbul as you are not a resident in Turkey. You may also now need a visa to enter Turkey given the situation in Turkey and in Europe and without a visa they may deny you entry. You should check your entitlement with the embassy before you decide anything.

    There are many flights from the UK (Heathrow/Gatwick) everyday into Tunis and Tunisair fly also from Birmingham and Manchester (I think) into Enfidha and into Tunis.

    Don't you think it would be nice for your fiancee to meet your family and for them to meet her and to have a Tunisian wedding?? Or is there some reason for you not wanting to marry here?
  • Hello Alethia , please can you tell me if i need to rigester my marriage on tunisien embassy ? if yes it will really be very hard as i will be on fethiye and tunisien embassy on ankara , so please do i need to do that ? you must know that my wife she is a britsh setzine
  • Bouhmid - absolutely you must register your marriage and you know that!!!
  • Thanks lesley but ankara it will be so far away from me :( so i can't do that here when i come back to tunisia ? and can you tell me how i can register my marriage there ? and the marriage cartaficat do i need to bring it with me to tunisia or my my wife she need to bring it with her because we will ask for spouse visa ? thanks :)
  • bouhmid - you should call the Tunisian embassy to find out exactly what they require. You need definitely to register the marriage as it must be noted on your certificate de naissance. You can have a copy of the marriage contract made and certified so that you both have a copy.
  • bouhmid - I just googled and found the consulate is in Istanbul as well as Ankara so perhaps this will assist you.

    Tunisian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

    Süleyman Seba Cad., BJK Plaza
    A Blok, Kat:7, No:71-72
    34357, Akaretler

    (+90) (212) 259 80 00

    (+90) (212) 259 80 10
  • thanks lesley, i found consulate on izmir , so if the consulate do the same job like the embassy it will be more good to go to izmir than istanbul or a,kara, what do you think ?
  • Call them and make sure that they can.
  • Hello Lesley, can you send me your eamil please ? because i really need your helps. thank you very much
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