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Do I need a yellow fever certificate for Ecuador

Hi - I am planning to travel to Ecuador soon, after spending some time in Brazil. I'm hearing conflicting stories. Do I need a yellow fever certificate before going to Ecuador? I am sure I have had a yellow fever vaccination but I dont have a certificate. Do they check??
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    No they don't check, but if you are going to certain countries afterwards then you will probably be asked for it when you enter that country. Eg: Australia will need the certificate on arrival if you have been in South America within 6 days of landing. If you don't have one, I know in Australia they ask you some questions when you arrive, but no major drama, they just request that you call their disease hotline if you develop any symptoms within a certain period.
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    I need to travel to Quito,Ecuador for business purpose from my company from India. Since it is a short duration stay and urgent requirement, I am planning for On-Arrival Visa with all the required documents intact. But there is an issue as there is no dorect flight from India to Ecudaor, I have to travel via USA or Europe, now do I need the VISA for respective country also as I would just be requiring to take the connecting flight. So please suggest is it mandatory to have other country visa, than what is the meaning of On-arrival visa? Please suggest ASAP, its urgent.
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    Hi, I'm going to Quito, Ecuador, and I've heard that it's not raining, that ther's trouble with water and electricity.
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