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Malaria in Ecuador - should I take malaria tablets?

Another question. I am going to Ecuador soon. What is the malaria risk? Is it worth taking malaria tablets before going the Ecuador? I will be travelling all around the country, not just to Quito. I assume there is no malaria in the Galapagos Islands. Thanks, M.
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    A lot of people complain so much about the side effects of anti malaria medication making people feel miserable but naturally you'll be more miserable if you get malaria so it's tough to say. I was in Afghanistan and we didn't use malaria tablets because we were supposed to be at a high enough elevation that the mosquito's wouldn't fly that high. Well for some reason the mosquito's that year were 1-2 thousand ft higher than they were supposed to be and we all got bit plenty but no one came down with malaria. But before you take your chances take a look at the local rates of malaria via some quick google searches.
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