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scammed by ukraine

edited January 2015 in - Eastern Europe
I have just started talking with girl on dating site, first communication she gives me her personal email, tells me she loves me three days later. Sounds to good to be true


  • It is. Cut your losses.
  • Wake up Brad.

  • and run for the hills, far away from this scammer
  • This is ordinary situation for poor country, but in Ukraine a lot of really good and honest girls.
  • I get american generals from Afghanistan writing to tell me they love me after 2emails.... What do you think? These type of emails are the biggest scams around - some silly women have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds sending money to their "lover"..... Write back and ask her for money!!
  • I have been writing a woman in Ukraine for one year. I like hearing from her a lot. She can speak English good. I talk to her on the phone. We tell each other we love each other. I have sent her money to help her pat her bills. I have asked her about me coming to Ukraine, she says it too dangerous. She wants me to bye her a visa to come to america. It would cost $1000 to 1100, What do you think. I needf help. dd123
  • Kyiv the capital of of Ukraine is not dangerous. Donetsk, Lugansk regions and Crimea are very dangerous. So you could meet in the capital Kyiv. I had this first hand from a Ukrainian client who is flying to Kyiv on Saturday

    She does not need to meet you in the USA, she could apply for a Schengen visa and meet you anywhere in Europe . A Schengen visa cost about $70 or you could both meet in Istanbul neither of you needs a visa and hotels are very reasonable.There are many Ukrainians in Turkey.

    If she does not want to do any of these then she is only after a US visa and money.

  • Thank you Alethia this helps me a lot.
  • I met a Ukrainian woman online and we have been corresponding for a couple months . She seems really into me and we have exchanged photos, and a couple phone calls . She says she wants to come visit which would be fine for me , as I cannot take off work at the moment. She has not asked for much money only 170$ for tourist visa and some documents.. What do you all think about if I offered to buy her plane ticket , instead , and got the insurance so I would not lose the cost of ticket?
  • edited February 2016
    I meet lots of people but I do not send them money. You no nothing about this woman a few photos and phone call is nothing. Tell her to buy her own tickets then you will reimburse her when she arrives
  • I came here to make sure it was Ukrainians, not Nigerians, been accused of scamming people. What a relief! Phewww!
  • Hey guys! I'm see your topic and actually registered here. All I wanna say, it's a lot of companys in Ukriane which is hire young girls to date and talk with "clients". So a lot of scammers around dating industry.

    I'm in Kiev, Ukraine. So I can help you to understand your dating girl scummer or not )
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