Traveling with antibiotics

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I am doing a round the world trip starting next month, taking in mostly "third-world" places like india, thailand, philippines, brazil, mexico and egypt. I have been advised to take a course of all purpose anti-biotics for when i get a bacterial infection or stomach condition that won;t quit.

Has any one tried this or have opinions on being prescribed antibiotics before actually getting sick? if so what do you recommend? Thanks for any advice recevied...


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    You will get sick at some point on your travels and a bacterial infection / stomach condition is the most likely scenario. You will need treatment, and may have to use a local doctor. This person may be competent and expert in local diseases, or he may not be. Whenever i traveled in the places you mentioned I took with me a general purpose antibiotic and when my condition lasted longer than 48 hours I took them with great effect.

    Sorry, I can't recall the name or brand of drug...

    Somene with medical training would not advise this approach though!
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    Walrus - David's advice is sound. You should always take an all purpose antibiotic when travelling in the tropics or under developed countries. You should speak with your local GP and I am sure he/she will have some advice for medications/vaccinations in the areas you are visiting. You may also need to consider anti-malarial medicines before you leave home.
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    Yep. The advice above is definitely good. It's even more important to carry something with you during treks or visits to remote places, as there may not be doctor available within a couple of days walk! The best thing to do is ask your GP what he/she recommends. You'll find that you hear all kinds of clashing health related advice before and during your trip, so a visit to the doctor is the best option for some real authority on the issue.

    I can also recommend taking some dioralyte on your trip. This is brilliant for replacing essential salts and sugars if you get hit by a stomach bug (which pretty much everyone does at some point...).

    Wishing you a happ healthy trip!


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