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Turkey visa query

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hi please can you help me, my friend is in turkey at the moment and she as let her visa run out because shes had no money to book flight home,if I book her a flight to get home will they let her on the plane and just fine her or will they question her first,what happens if she misses her flight .if they just fine her do you know how much it will be. thanku


  • Which passport does she have? What is her nationality? What kind of Visa? How long is her overstay?

  • Relphy64,we really do need the information Terry mentioned to give you an accurate idea of what will happen.
    Your friend is definitely looking at a ban on entering Turkey and depending on the length of overstay a fine.
    Provide the information and we will let you know more.
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    If we are arriving by cruise ship for 3 days Jerusalem 11/8 and 11/9 and Haifa on the 10th, do we need visas? One American and one Jamaican. I meant to say visiting Kasadasi, Turkey on 11/12. However will also be visiting Israel as indicated above.
  • @AnneP
    Foreigners who are travelling to Turkey by cruises are allowed to enter Turkey without a visa for a maximum period of 72 hours, with the permission given by the local security authorities.
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