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Visit visa morocco

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Hye there
I'm living in uk as spouse of Ea family memeber and I have residency document for 5 years
I want to apply for visit visit morocco
Kindly advise the process


  • What nationality are you?
  • I'm pakistani national
  • The fact you are married to an EU national is irrelevant you still need a visa for Morroco and as you are resident in the UK you apply here
  • Hi my husband is pakistani and has intefinate stay in uk and living here for 13 yrs does he need visa ? We did not need it for turkey thu plz helppppp
  • edited December 2014
    Mrs Khan. Pakistani citizens definately need a visa for Morroco. The fact that your husband has ILR and lives in the UK is irrelevant. He still holds a Pakistani passport and therefore he needs a visa.

    If your husband wants to travel visa free he should get his act together and apply for British citizenship.

  • hi this is sohail from Saudi Arabia i want to visit morocco with my wife can you guide me how to get visa and total expenses thanks
  • I'm an Indian citizen working in United Arab Emirates,
    I would like to visit Morocco, so I've already applied for visa in consulate of Morocco in Dubai,
    I would like to know how do I pay the fee for the visa?
    Please update me as soon as possible.
  • @sheikhmuhammedmujeeb

    Normally the fees required for your visa application are submitted at the same time as the visa application form. You should have checked the mode of payment accepted for the visa application by the Moroccan Embassy located in your home country.
    Normally only a bank draft or postal order is acceptable.

    Your visa application could fail as you have not submitted the payment.

    The cost of a Morroccan visa is as approximately
    Single-entry: $25; Double-entry or Multiple-entry (both business only): $35.
    Prices fluctuate in accordance with the exchange rates.
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