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Guy I met on asking for money

edited December 2014 in - USA
I met a guy on who said he is doing a contract for an aircraft simulator..sent pictures ..but needs money for shipping a control panel..keeps asking for 5000... Now 3000.. In keys largo Florida..says he loves me and husband to be..really charming and started having feelings for him..goes by Williams and money to be sent via western union to a Annette l Mentken who will ship him the part.. Everything I asked for info got on match are different then the ones sent after.. It's a google phone number ... I was heart broken.. Didn't send money.. Blocked him ... It's heartbreaking


  • How can you be heartbroken over a thieving asshole scammer? You should be thrilled that you finally woke up, used some common sense and escaped a horrible situation unscathed.

  • Almostscammed88, how could you have feelings for a man you never met ? I agree with Terry "heartbroken" strange word to use at finding out you were being scammed . Thankful you had the sense not to send money and your rid of him would be more like it.
  • Give your head a shake and wake up...

  • Never, never, never send money to anyone over the internet. Move into the REAL world. Scam, scam, scam.
  • This was definitely a scam, and I am happy that you didnt send any money. This is a sad story that is told over and over again. Never send money over the internet.
  • Hello dear, so sorry to hear that. You should always look up anyone you are chatting with on the web. Let me give you two things you can do. 1) Google the name, phone number or adress 2) Use google images to find out if pictures they used are real, in the Google search page, just at the right hand side of the search button, click the camera icon, then upload their image, then you can go on from there.
  • Never ever give a man your money. Even if it's a Man U meet on the street. Sincerely I don't know how u western people behave... Your hard earn money???? I work too hard to give a fool my cent. I'm too stingy for that. Thank God u didn't send any money.
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    Hi, I have a similar stoy. I met a guy at Eh, named Paul Robert, He said he is an Archealogist, borned in US, but lived all his life in Filand. /now, he says that he is living in San Diego, where he has a small Gallery. He has an website of his company and we always talk at skype or viber. It´s the same person. He used to sent me flowers and said he was so much in love with me. Well, about a month, he said he was going to UK to buy some artfacts from some Indians, that he helped on a digging for some special Artifacts. He called me two weeks ago, saying that the guys was asking for more U$30.000,00 Dollars and he was so desparete because he has given all the money they asked and he was in need for this amount of money. I said I don´t have, and he stop writing me. One sunday, I called him and he said he stop writing me becuse I wasn´t usefull for him and decided to stay alone to find the money. Well, after some days, he called me asking for help and asked me for U$1.500,00 to pay the rent of the place he was in. He gave me the address and asked me to send thought money gram, under his name. Well, I called the Real State to find out if it has any Paul Robert there, and I was surprised when the man said there is no Paul Robert there. When I asked him, he gave me an excused saying the landlord put him on a diferent list, that´s why was impossible to know that he was in the flat. We has so many arguments about my doubts and said twice the I knew that he is scammer and blocked him. well, I forgot to block him on my phone´s skype, so he wrote me saying that I should belive him, that he was so much in love with me and he isn´t a scammer. He said that his mother was tryng to help him, which I do´t believe, but sent me a Chinese account to send the rent money. When I asked him why, he said the Indians was gave him their account in China to be send.... we had another argument about it and after that he sent me some Lady´s account in San Francisco saying that she is his mother´s friend and she has 63 years old.I found the lady at his facebook, and she is really a lady. I am still in doubt, because he can be doing the same with her.g
    Yesterday, I sent the money to him, but the bank tryed to contact me to verify the international operation, as I couldn´t answer the phone, because I was working, they didn´t sent, but I have already sent the receipt, he sent me a message today said that he loves me and all, but I didn´t tell him that the money is in my account yet. I want to find out who he really is, before I get into a trouble, which sometimes I get so confused, even though I am here asking fo help and I have the feeling that he is a scammer.
    His phone is from El Cajon, but he said he is living in San Diego... There´s anyone there chatin with him or to someone wit the same story as this? Please let´s help each other? Thank you
  • Teta46 if you send money to this man you are an idiot who deserves to be scammed. You have never met this man in reality and you know nothing about this man only the fiction he chooses to tell you.

    You know deep down this man is a scammer, there are so many red flags and yet you still keep in contact.

    1. How can a US citizen grow up in Finland? You can't go and live in any country in terms world just because your a US citizen. This is the standard type of story used by scammer
    2. It is illegal in the UK to buy and sell artifacts the way you described
    3. His name is not on the landlords list became He DOES NOT LIVE THERE
    4. If he was a bona fide archaeologist he would not be privately purchasing items and asking you to send money to strangers.

    Get a grip you are allowing yourself to be conned. Stop hanging on to the pathetic dream that one day you will be together,its not going to happen.
    Your obviously weak and pathetic to send money to a man you know is a scammer.
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    Tata46, you should be ashamed of yourself for not using the brains that you were born with.

    Reading your post is so embarrassing it makes me cringe.

    Wake up. Stop being an idiot.

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    Welk i thinj i have met the same man on Facebook but he goes bt the name Robert Williams and he is working in Texas doing a project. He says he is a engineer.
    Says he is divorced and has no one else. Says he is American but talks with an accent because of where he grew up. I picked up on tbe signs right aeay that he is fake and up to no good because tje pictire he sent looks fake and he refuses to send any of Texas and the house he is living in. Im going to play his game a little longer to find out what he is up to. I am just curious to see if anyome else has encountered him.
  • Lu,mbeechick just block the person and move on, what ever this person says is pure fiction.
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    definitely a scammer..i live in ghana where it is very predominant unfortunately...and you will surprise, at the format and stories they bring up these days...very lucky you didnt fall for it...five years ago these scammers where just illiterate kids...but now there are qualified undergraduate venturing into the stories they cooking up this days are very intelligent one..if you are not that smart, you will 100% fall for it
  • I have had this man contact me on POF
    Robert Williams civil engineer. Wanted to chat on Viper. We sent messages back and forth but I hadn't spoke to him. Same story- wife died etc
    I had a gut feel it wasn't right so I started to google him and found this site. Thank u so much. I told him to leave me alone. I'm in Australia. I hope this can help other woman to watch out. Is really horrible that he keeps doing this.
  • Well done @micha for figuring it out and doing a bit of research. I'm glad you found the forum useful!
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