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Have the spammers finally won?

edited December 2014 in World Wide
In the last several days this forum has been buried under an avalanche of spammers who appear to have been given full rein to run amok. The forum is basically unusable.

Are the Moderators on holiday or has the forum finally been abandoned to the spammers? That would be a shame...



  • Thank you for speaking up Terry. I realised sometime ago that the moderators are around during office hours Monday to Friday and do not work weekends.  
  • Well, it's Saturday today and the spamming has been going on almost all week... it's odd that no one has looked at the forum in days and days... I'm done with flagging countless spams that are left ignored...

  • I shall certainly be taking it up with Anya and Co on Monday morning. (not much I can do until then)  If they dont want to moderate they must find someone who does.
  • edited December 2014
    Thanks, Alethia.

  • I don't know if David Fair is still with this organisation, but few years ago, when he was around it was absolutely brilliant. No spams, trolls etc. Who are the mods and why are they not doing something!! Do agree with you both, it's getting crazy
  • Hello experts, it is convenient that you are all in on this discussion. I apologise sincerely for the current spam problem. Maintaining this kind of forum requires some stiff spam filters and our system has failed. We are doing the best we can to fix the problem. Individual moderators are doing as much as possible, but manually each clearing session takes hours. I can only assure you that we are doing the best we can to sort it out.

    Lesley, I'm afraid David Fair left the company some years ago. Unfortunately, since that time spammers have become much, much more inventive! I am hoping to overhaul our filter system as we are aware the problem has become dire.
  • Thanks for the update, Ella.

  • Thanks Ella. Ah, David and I got on very well, it's a shame he has left. I am having no success getting into my private messages, it tells me page not found. Hope you can fix that one as well.
  • Oh dear. Alethia is having the same problem. The strange thing is, when I go into your profiles the messages are showing. Never fear though, we are in the process of upgrading the forum and I really hope that soon the spammers will hit a wall and we can solve all these little glitches.
  • thanks so much Ella
  • I apologise in advance if this question sounds ridiculous but what do these spammers gain by posting nonsense on this or any site and why do they do it ?
  • Not a ridiculous question at all. It's all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By spamming hundreds of forums they ensure that the things they are advertising will pop up if people search for them. For instance, somebody advertising a beauty product will set up a bot to spam 100 forums with posts including popular search terms so that when somebody googles 'mascara' or whatever, their product is likely to come up in the results. Does that make sense? That is not to say that the spammers are necessarily successful in raising product awareness, but I think that is what they are trying to do...
  • Thank you for the explanation Ella
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