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Traveling abroad with misdemeanor conviction on my record?

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I am planning a trip to Korea to meet my girlfriends parents. As I said i have a minor conviction for posession of marijuana (misdemeanor) currently on my record. I called the consulate and they said they didnt think it would be a problem, but couldnt guarantee it. I asked a lawuer and he figures I'll be fine too. Is there any way I can find out 100% whether its going to be a problem or not? I know I can find out for sure exactly what would prohibit me from entering the states so I assume there must be some concrete way of knowing yes or no. Please, I really really really need an answer on this one. I cannot stress how important this is for me to know. I'm pulling my hair out trying to find out. Last thing I want is to get to Korea and end up having to spend the entire 2 weeks in a holding cell waiting for a flight out. Please help me.


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    Are you a US citizen? Then you don't need a visa, just a passport. And unless your conviction is stamped in your passport the Korean immigration has no way of knowing. So no problem as far as i can see.
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    I recently was denied into the U.S. and they wrote on the back of my passport in red ink some code. I've gone to Korea before my trip to the U.S. and didn't have any problems. Do you think it might be a problem now?
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    Is there any questionnaire that one has to answer on entry to S. Korea such as 'have you ever been denied entry to S. Korea?'
    the reason I ask is that the person seeking entry for a short tourist stay, who has a passport and a return ticket, was denied a work visa some time ago. nothing on his passport.
    your help is appreciated.
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