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Is Israel Safe for Tourists?

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Is Israel a safe tourist destination at the moment? I am an experienced traveller and not too easily put off, but I would welcome opinions about whether travelling to Israel at the moment is a good idea. What are the areas and regions best avoided in Israel currently? I realise the risk of terrorism is high in cities like Jerusalem, and that tourists may get 'caught in the crossfire' even if they are not targetted. But are the Red Sea resorts still safe? And Tel Aviv?


  • I do know that tourism is one of Israel's major sources of income. I have a relative who scuba dives and went to Eilat which is on the Red Sea in September 2014.
    Its winter now in Israel although not so cold for Europeans the weather can be unpredictable
    This is what the US and British governments have to say about Israel

    There are may places to travel to in Israel away from the main conflict . Since 2013 the Israeli Immigration has stamped the visa on an entry card not in the passport as some countries will not accept a passport with an Israeli stamp.
  • Avoid border towns. Tel Aviv is a good choice, there is now calm
  • I think places like Pakistan, Israel, and may other countries should be avoided  as there is lot risk involved visiting there. Last everyone heard the news about Taliban attacking school and more than 100 kids died which is a sad news for everyone.

    I would suggest you not to go any such place as recently we heard a lot about Israel fighting with Palestine. So, I think sate factor matters most, so you should avoid places where there is a violence taking place.

  • I've been to Israel several times over the past few years, including during last summer's military assault on Gaza. Both Israel 'proper' (1948 Israel) and the West Bank are perfectly safe for travelers. In fact, I would encourage you to spend as much time as possible in the Palestinian parts of the West Bank, as they tend to be more welcoming and more interesting than the rest of the country, not to mention cheaper (and with authentic Palestinian food, yum). Unfortunately, on the other side of the country, Gaza is almost completely cut off from the outside world by the ongoing Israeli seige and therefore next to impossible to visit, although it has some of the warmest, nicest people I've ever encountered.
  • although, if you're looking for diving, skip Eilat and go to Egypt's Sinai (Dahab or Sharm El-Sheikh) instead. Much cheaper, absolutely beautiful, and the diving is better...
  • Israel is patchy safety wise: some areas are reliably safe no matter what is going on in the country - the more touristy resort areas - and cities like Tel Aviv are generally safe, discounting the risk of terrorist attacks. Many travellers still visit Jerusalem, which is undeniably a fascinating tourist destination, but it is best to do some careful research into the current situation before deciding on your itinerary, and some caution should be exercised. Check out this this Basic Travel Tips page for Israel for more details on the safety situation and other useful info.
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