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Denmark: Extra days after Visa expired

edited December 2014 in - Scandinavia
I am Au pair here in Denmark, and soon my visa will expire. i want to know if we have extra days after my visa expired? like in The Netherlands they said that they have this policy that you can still stay for 28 days after the visa expire. 


  • What kind of Visa do you have? What is your nationality?

  • edited December 2014
    This is an Au Pair visa , granted for one year to young people between the ages of 17 and 29 where they live with a family carrying out domestic work, looking after children and cleaning as well as studying the language.

    If jho24 is a non EU national then there is no such thing as having extra days when the visa expires , its nonsense and I do not know any country that offers such an extension. What jho24 can do is when the year is coming to an end he/she can apply for a six month extension.

    You must never overstay a vis in any country.
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