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Work Permit for Dubai

edited December 2014 in - Dubai
Hi i have a 5 yrs experiance in retail sector & i wAnt to work for dubai can any body pls tell me what is the cost of permit in yearly and have a any job in retail in dubai...


  • No one can comment when you don't even mention your nationality...

  • I am assuming that with a name like Harpreet you may be from India'
    There is no annual cost of a work permit. The only people who can apply for a work permit is the employer who hires a foreign national to work for them.
  • Hi, I am living in Dubai under my husband's work visa. And I would like to bring my sister for work here. I have her CV and where can I find job for her while she is in Mongolia?
    She is TV presenter and Italian Pizza place owner.

    Looking forward the reply.

    Thank you
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