Raymond Bakker scam: warning

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I read a blog from someone that was almost scammed by Raymond Bakker. I also met him on match.com and he told me everything I wanted to hear. He quouted scriptures out of the bibiel about love and told me about his favorite colors and the foods he liked. He also told me he was leaving for Nigeria for a few weeks to buy gems and artifacts and wanted to meet me when he got back to Gastonia NC. I found it strange that he lived in gastonia , NC because it is a poor town and very blue collar. He told me he lived in Durham , Nc for awhile but it was too expensive. I wondered why he didn't drive and he said that he couldn't because he was on a business visa here. He told me he was from the Netherlands and that his mom was ill. He also said he was an only child and was married for sometime but his ex-wife got cancer and when she got the cancer she changed and left him. I told him I was a single mom and even sent him pictures of me. He said he had fallen for me and he had never met anyone like me even though he had never met me. After he asked me for the money and I said no, he still contacted me and when I confronted him with it he got so bad and said he had to go beause he was hurt. we even talked after that and when I said I didn't fell very good about who he was he didn't say goodbye or anything, he just clicked off IM and I have not heard fro him since. He has had his IM on but doesn't respond to me at all. I was so sucked by this person. His picture was great. He was handsome and intelligent from the picture and I thought he was great. I didn't find him on match.com, he found me. He even called me on the phone, but now that I think about it his voice did sound like a black mans voice and I told him so and he laughed. PLEASE DON"T FALL FOR THIS MAN. HE IS SICK. think he goes by other names too.


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