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Raymond Bakker scam: warning

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I read a blog from someone that was almost scammed by Raymond Bakker. I also met him on and he told me everything I wanted to hear. He quouted scriptures out of the bibiel about love and told me about his favorite colors and the foods he liked. He also told me he was leaving for Nigeria for a few weeks to buy gems and artifacts and wanted to meet me when he got back to Gastonia NC. I found it strange that he lived in gastonia , NC because it is a poor town and very blue collar. He told me he lived in Durham , Nc for awhile but it was too expensive. I wondered why he didn't drive and he said that he couldn't because he was on a business visa here. He told me he was from the Netherlands and that his mom was ill. He also said he was an only child and was married for sometime but his ex-wife got cancer and when she got the cancer she changed and left him. I told him I was a single mom and even sent him pictures of me. He said he had fallen for me and he had never met anyone like me even though he had never met me. After he asked me for the money and I said no, he still contacted me and when I confronted him with it he got so bad and said he had to go beause he was hurt. we even talked after that and when I said I didn't fell very good about who he was he didn't say goodbye or anything, he just clicked off IM and I have not heard fro him since. He has had his IM on but doesn't respond to me at all. I was so sucked by this person. His picture was great. He was handsome and intelligent from the picture and I thought he was great. I didn't find him on, he found me. He even called me on the phone, but now that I think about it his voice did sound like a black mans voice and I told him so and he laughed. PLEASE DON"T FALL FOR THIS MAN. HE IS SICK. think he goes by other names too.


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    same story, I did not get that far, I found him strange and red flags so thanks for the post to warn people.
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    This man also contacted me through But I had reservations about him when he started asking for money. He is sick to pray upon innocent women. He needs to be stopped.
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    So glad you were smart. He is a freak. Please contact about him. If nobdy reports him, he will continue to be allowed to do this on match. If enough of us report him to match, they will be on the look out for him. If anyone asks you for money and you have never met them. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS. THEY ARE NOT THEIR PICTURE.
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    I reported him to match and ymail. I gave them as much information as I could. I hope it helps to track him down. I would do more if I could!
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    I was corresponded with a man Dave Ball) on and he had all the religion, loving words, etc. His wife died of cancer 10 yrs. before and he has a 21 yr. old son in the hospital that couldn't get treated unless paid doctor first. He even emailed me a picture of him in the hospital. Before he got sick he (the son) told me he was glad that his Dad was smiling again since he fell in love with me. Dave said he would pay me back double. Even emailed me a copy of his bank statement from Bank of America with 2 mil. in it. He could not access his funds because he was in England finishing a road/bridge construction. Would be returning to the states within 3 weeks time. I sent him money ($2000) for a ticket to US but he goes to Lagos, Nigeria because it is closer and was told he could get his funds released there. Once there he couldn't for some tax reason and needed a lawyer to straighten it out. Tax was $3000 and lawyer $3000. I sent it in 2 separate money grams. After he picked up the first $3000 he said the taxi driver took him to isolated street and at stop sign 2 men jumped in and took his wallet and beat him. He goes back to lawyer and he won't help without the other $3000. In between all this the son did get his surgery with Dave's promise to pay as soon as he got his money. He always needed more for one reason or the other. The last was for a ticket here so we could live happily ever after. After he got his ticket, he said they required $3000 BTA. I finally said no way. I had maxed out my credit cards, used up the equity in my home to a total of $13,000. He is still texting me saying he will probably get killed over there and he didn't care if he died because I didn't trust and believe in him anymore. But he WILL NOT get anymore money from me. I am BROKE and on social security disability. As soon as they ask for money, ladies, RUN!
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    same here
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    This is very sad stories..Ladies be careful don't trust easily when it comes to your money..PLS,PLS,PLS...particularly now we are in bad economic situation
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    Yikes! Sorry to hear that someone using my name and stating to be from my country scammed you. I'll try to get more info on him and get this brought to justice. Don't let this keep you from looking!
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    Yeah right! I dated this man... He's a HUGE idiot! Don't fal for him PLEASE... like I did.
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    Hi everyone,

    Here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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    OMG my name is Raymond Bakker! but im obviously not HIM!! haha
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