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Deported from South Korea: How Long is Ban?

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I was deported from south Korea two years ago because over staying can I go Korea again


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    No one can answer your question when you give no clue of your nationality, how long you overstayed, how did you enter Korea in the first place, what kind of Visa did you hold, etc.

    There are many factors to consider when you've been deported, contact the Korean Embassy/Consulate that services you and ask them directly.

    Good luck.

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    Even the Korean Embassy will be unable to tell these people when they can return to Korea,. The length of the ban varies from case to case. People who have been removed from Korea must contact the Korean Immigration Services directly. They could give their details to a friend in Korea who could check with the local immigration office in Korea.
  • im abdul razaqi departured from korea with E68-1 BCZ I OVER STY IN KOREA .SO I HAVE PASSED 3 YEARS.CAN I APPLY IN FRESH TRAINEE NOW .PLZ HELP ME
  • i am abdul razaq i enterd in korea 2005 as 3d vissa for 3 years after this i get E8 and E92 visa for 3 years.afer this i overstayed in korea 11 month .then come back in 2012 august 10 so immigration stamed E68-1.I want to go korea again can i registration my dacument again .i want to know ban duratin how long.
  • abdulrazaq1947...

    How can anyone here possibly guess your circumstances?!

    Contact Korean Immigration Services directly.

    Good luck.

  • @abdulrazaq1947

    You were deported from Korea as signified by the stamp in your pasport.
    This is very serious and as Terry said only Korean immigration can advise you when you can re-enter if ever.
    If you liked S. Korea so much you would not have broken the law.
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