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Am I Being Scammed?

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I met this Ghana women online dating sight we saw each other on Skype and she call me once. We got to know each other well for a month threw Skype and email we known each other four months now she has live in Ghana Africa for ten years with her mother, she reside to the USA for university and now living in Ghana so about two months commutcation she got sick with marliera and she needed health insurance to leave hospital she ask if I could help out so I did send through western union $250 then didn't here from her for a week.then she said ask wants visit Canada but she is in financial pinch that if I could help her out and paid for passport/ visa and her flight. Help me out am I getting scam


  • You can't be serious.

    Wake up.

  • You need to help yourself. Just stop all communication with this woman because she is a lying, theiving scammer 

    Do you realise how foolish you are ?  Stop being such a big girls blouse and pull yourself together.
  • Yes, you are definitely being scammed. Definitely. Stop all contact.
  • Thank you
  • Hello, Mspepper.. Even though not all Ghanaians are Scammers, having gone through your questions, I think the best thing to do is to Visit whoever you wish to help travel in Ghana first and through that you can assist him or her get the visa. I am a Ghanaian myself and due to scam activities, its been quite difficult to gain anyone's trust  nowadays. There are only two ways in getting any kind of visa in Ghana, if you are interested, i will explain them to you here. 
    Thanks, Mercy.

  • Maame23g if any one on this site has any brains they will be asking the Ghananian Embassy about visas not you.
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    Alethia, do you think because you asked the embassy about visa acquisition , you can just walk into the embassy with the required documents and get a visa, don't be delusional. You can be the richest in Ghana but if a consular feels he/she won't give you the visa, there is nothing one can do to convince him/her. I am a lawyer and have worked on many visa related cases. Don't think for one Second that you know everything..... appearing on every topic, gush!
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    I am a UK lawyer of 20 years experience particularly in immigration and human rights, I am also one of the experts on this site, which is why I respond to a majority of the posts. If you don't like it complain to a moderator.

    Maame you show your ignorance in so much as the majority of western embassies do not allow people into embassies any more. "Riches" are not a reason to allow people into a country that requires visas, there are far more considerations. People who are wealthy are revered in Africa, but thankfully this cuts no ice with the governments issueing visas. As for you working on visa related problems you have no credentials that allow you to represent people against the decisions which are usually appealed in the country where the matter is dealt with.

    I do not know everything and do not profess to but unlike a Ghanaian lawyer I have access to far more caselaw and support regarding immigration and human rights . I personally prepare visa applications (not just visit vsas) of all types for my clients from all over the world and I regularly represent in court on these matters.

    Instead of attacking me and playing one upmanship, why not try answering some posts which is more constructive. Once again if you do not like what I write (which helps keep this website active) go moan to the moderators.

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    Mercy, either be a responsible contributor with real advice or go whine elsewhere.

    Alethia has proven her mettle and knowledge here COUNTLESS times. It would be great if you could contribute usable and accurate insight as well. Just lose the complex and lets move forward...

    All the best to you.

  • Big scam!
  • What her name sound like the person I am talking to lol
  • What her name?I meant one but don't send no money lol
  • dannyhanks1520 do realise you are writing gibberish, that only you can understand ! 
  • I'm just wondering if anyone has been approached by a man named Aaron Griffin claiming to be an engineer from the UK?
    He contacted me through Facebook & we have been chatting online for about 2 months. After about a month he told me he loved me & that I was the one for him. He asked for my email, phone number & address. Like a total idiot I gave it to him.
    He made plans to come see me but, a couple of days before coming he asked me to lend him some money so that he could secure a larger line of credit for his consulting business as he was going directly from here to China to inspect equipment for the project he will be working on. He offered to sign a letter saying he owes me the money & offered to send me the banking information prior to coming. 
    This was my line & he crossed it so I broke things off with him telling him that he crossed the line & that I didn't want to hear from him again.  
    I thought we were done as I didn't hear from him for almost a week then he sent me an email saying that I have basically insulted him & wrote about how he will never give up on us. He said that he will honor my request not to contact me anymore & I have not heard from him since.

    Am I being scammed?  How do I tell if he is genuine or just playing me?
  • Of course he was trying to scam you. You obviously don't know much about business. You do not get a larger line of credit by borrowing money. Banks issue lines of credit based on the business history,turnover and assests owned by the company or proprietor.

    He is definitely trying to play you. He waited a week to make contact to play on your affections in the hope you would "take him back" Who cares if he feels insulted.

    You did the right thing, don't give him money and stay away from this man 

  • Sounds like the man who is scamming my aunt, she believes everything he tells her, she is 75 years old he claims to be 61 and he is totally in love with her even though she is fairly disabled. She is totally in love with him, he calls her honey, baby, and sweetheart. He told her he was in business for himself and that he was a private contractor that traveled from California to the UK and while in the UK he was robbed recently by men with pick axes and knives. To recover his expenses and to keep his business afloat he asked her to send him 2000 dollars and she did! After she sent the money she did not hear from him for two days, he then called her and said he had to change his phone number and e-mail address for security reasons. After they were talking again for a week or so he then told her his visa had expired and he could not return to the US to visit her unless she sent him money to renew it.My Aunt gets upset every time that we bring the subject of it being a scam up.How can I convince her that it is definitely a scam? They have also never met in person, which I know will never happen he always has an excuse as to why he can not meet her.
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    Of course she is being scammed. For example you cannot simply go and work in the UK its difficult for non Europeans to obtain work permits.
    Secondy if his visa ran out he should have left the UK, you cannot renew a visa that has expired, no matter how much money you pay.

    Can you Google his name or photo, scammers often use photos of models and their names come up on scammer sites.

    I feel sorry for your predicament, but you may have to take drastic measures to protect your aunt, by going to the police as it is a crime.

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