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Visa for South Korea after Deportation

edited December 2014 in - General Asia
I was deported 7 years ago in march 2007. Now my pakistani wife has D-8 visa in south korea. Can i enter in korea through spouse visa? Can i meet any hurdle at korean airport.


  • Hi there,
    As you will see if you read the many threads tackling this issue on this forum, it is impossible for anybody to predict with certainty how long your ban is or whether you will be let back in. Only South Korean Immigration can give you a reliable answer. The spousal visa will probably work in your favour, and I can tell you that most bans from South Korea seem to last about five years. But depending on why you were deported you may face a 10 year ban. 
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    Ikhlaspur, Ella is correct we cannot advise you on wether or not you will be allowed in to South Korea, but your wife can find out.

    As your wife is already in South Korea she can make enquiries at the local immigration office, they may tell her to submit a spouse application for you and they will consider your case. This maybe the only way to find out.
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