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Entry into Spain with a German Residency Visa

edited December 2014 in - Spain and Portugal

Hi all,


Quick question: I am of South African nationality and have a German residency visa valid in my passport until February 2016. I am going to Barcelona for 4 days this month.

Is this sufficient enough to gain entry into Spain or would I have to apply for an additional visa i.e. schengan.

The German residency visa allows for multiple entries into Germany - it doesn't state anything regarding the schengan agreement. .






  • Obviously I am thinking because I can live in Europe, I can travel freely throughout the schengan states - but I'd rather double check.
  • You are correct. As you hold a German residence permit you may travel to any Schengen state in Europe, without applying for a visit visa.

    This does not apply to the UK, Ireland and Cyprus as the are not members of the Schengen treaty
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