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lost Indian passport with active Schengen visa

my wife lost her Indian passport while travelling on work in Sweden. She had travelled on a schengen visa issued from belgium which still has 2 months left on it. She is now applying for a short validity emergency replacement passport which will allow her to travel back to the UK where we are resident currently. 

Once she has her temporary passport can she transfer her Schengen visa onto it? She needs to travel again in January on work hence looking for the fastest route to reinstate her schengen visa.

Please advise. 


  • She needs to apply for a new Schengen visa. 

    I would be more concerned as to how you are going to demonstrate to the UK immigration officers that your wife is resident in the UK
  • thanks alethia...she is applying for a UK replacement BRP visa at the moment to get back to the UK...

    re schengen visa, will she first have to cancel her existing schengen visa? 
  • The cancellation of her Schengen visa will occur naturally when she applies for her next visa as she shouldwrite a letter explaining the loss of Indian passport number....

    I would be more concerned over the loss of the UK visa which is more valuable and can take sometime to replace.

    Will your wife have overstayed her 90 day Schengen allowance by the time she leaves Sweden?
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