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going to the usa

edited December 2014 in - USA
Can anyone tell me how much money do I need to go to nyc.Boston.Denver


  • Your question makes no sense. Where are you leaving from? Are you flying or driving? How long in each city? High-end hotel or budget hostel? Etc...

    Have you spoken to a Travel Agent?

  • Hello terry I want to know what is the the best budget way to go to this city in February
    4 Denver 4 Boston 4 new york city
    I need hotel between $50 to $70
    I don't really have time to chat or walk in to an agency
  • Google is your friend.

    Have fun and good luck.

  • BSH  you will have to find time to checkout Trip Advisor, Opodo, EBookers , Expedia etc 
  • thanks terry and alethia can you guys advice me on how much money do I need to survive apart from hotel and trip prices?
  • I would not have the faintest idea
  • Where do you live right now?


  • BSH, you want to spend 4 days in each city but your travelling will cut into your time and will be expensive.
     Denver is nearly 2000 miles away from New York and the airfare alone would be around $600 unless you go by bus which will take two days and will cost approximately $200.

    Not not my type of trip
  • "... how much money do I need to survive apart from hotel and trip prices?..."

    Budget the same as you would in London and you'll be fine.

  • Thanks guys I think I just found an offer that all this trip will cost me 980 pounds for the flight alone which is good hotel is 40 dollars n I just need around 600 dollars spending money
  • Yes I also want to visit there can anyone help me what to do.
  • Brittany your question is really vague. What nationality are you, what country do you live in and where exactly do you want to visit.  
  • I am from USA and I want to visit some awesome place of the world. So can anyone suggest me.....
  • Britanny I suggest you go to my country during the festival is always awesome.
    Why don't you tell me I let you know the prices?
    Where about america are you from?
  • edited December 2014
    Try Googling " awesome places to visit" I did and I came up with this.
  • edited December 2014
    Hi, I am an Indian Student in UK on a tier 4 (general) visa valid till 21.01.16.
    I wish to visit my boyfriend in USA (who is also an International student there on an F1 Visa) for 1 week. The itinerary is decided although flight tickets have not yet been booked. If I apply for a B2 visa from US embassy London, do I stand a chance?

    Although I have all relevant documents to prove that I have sufficient and legitimate funds along with all evidence of my student status here in the UK, I am unsure mainly because I am a single, young, unemployed female which as per the literature available online is one of the favourite candidate profiles to be rejected a B2 visa under sec 214 (B). Moreover I wish to apply from London given I simply don't have the time to go back to India and apply from there.

    Any opinion on my situation and whether I should go ahead with the application or not, would be of great help. Thanks in advance.
  •  A single unemploiyed female is very different to a single female student which is what you are. As you are lawfully resident in the UK you are allowed to make the application from London.

    No one on this forum is in a position to comment on your eligibility for  a US visit visa, only the US Immigration Service can do that, so if you want to go to the US you need to apply for the visa.
  • Thanks very much, Alethia.
  • I think it is very costly. You have to take enough money. You will also check on google for best place where you should go and you can easily afford all the expenditure.
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