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hello,,  i have a visa for France issued from france embassy in iran.
i want to know whether i can go to Germany without entering in france or not?
irans airport did`nt allow me to go directly to germany,, hey said first i have to enter france.
i want to know if i can go to germany using third country like Azerbaijan without entering france? i mean first i go Azerbaijan then to germany?


  • The Schengen visa allows you to enter any Schengen country. So the answer is yes you can go to Germany first.

    Why didn't you apply for a German Schengen visa?
  • thank you Alethia , Germany doesn`t offer tourist visa any more at least for iranian, i have to have invitation letter,
    so i cant apply for german visa.
    Alethia , are ya sure, i fear i go to azerbaijan and take tickt for germany but they dont let me to fly or vice versa germany doesnt let me in!!!
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    . Y_e_k it is obvious you do not understand how the Schengen Treaty works. 

    The following countries agreed that ONE visa gives access to ALL the Schengen countries. You have not applied for  and been issued a French visa but a Schengen visa. It does not matter which Schengen country issued your visa, you are entitled to travel freely between all the Schengen countries.

  • thanx alethia for your reply,
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