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I overstayed my visa in Belgium... Now what?

Hello everyone!

I am an American and I came to Belgium in July of 2014 to meet up with my boyfriend and tour the country for a little bit. I have not been outside of Belgium during my stay. He is a Belgian citizen himself, and we had not seen each other in three months. I had no intention of overstaying my visa, but I did. (I also was not planning on getting engaged and married but I did too!) I am going back to America the 23rd of December 2014 to stay with my family back home and see them for Christmas. I have been looking around for advice and I have not seen exact penalties on any Belgian government website, so I thought  I would turn it to the forum here. What are the fines/ penalties I am looking at with having overstayed my visa? I have overstayed for just about 2 months..  How long will I have to stay out of the Schengen Countries? Is there a possibility of me being detained and missing my flight? I am flying through Montreal and then to California, will I face any problems there? Help and advice on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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    I have never heard of anyone being fined on leaving Belgium. The silly part is you could have applied for an extension.
    Leaving Belgium is not the problem but returning to Belgium maybe. You dont say your husbands nationality but if he is Belgian you could have applied for a Belgian residence permit  as the wife of a Belgian national you would have no problems.

    When do you intend to return to Belgium?
    Why would you think you will have problems flying through Canda, its a different country to Belglium.

  • Hey Alethia, thank you for your reply. 

    I did apply for an extension and also citizenship, so I could stay longer and study in Belgium. My husbands nationality is Belgian, yes, and I should have gotten everything, but I applied after my visa had expired. I was told by Belgian officials it would be easier to come back and get everything done and applied for again with a valid visa. (And frankly, a California winter is a little more mild than the Belgian winters) I am planning to return summer of next year. 
    I did not think I would run into problems in Canada, I was just asking to make sure. :)
  • Hi! can you tell me your experience when you exited belgium with an overstay? Did the immigration officer told you to do something or pay?
  • @aping26
    You can be fined for overstaying. I have heard of fines upto €700.
    Belgium can also ban you from entering for up to 3 years. This will lead you to being prevented from entering the Schengen zone which will remain on file indefinitely
  • Do you have any reliable source @Alethia ? Like someone who overstayed and exited in Belgium? 700 Euros? OMG I cannot afford that. Well, I have read under Netherlands it was nnot indicated that there someone has to pay for a fine. It only says you will be ban for 2 years.
  • @aping26
    Wrong country ! You are not in the Netherlands you overstayed in Belgium and each country has its own rules on overstaying.
  • But I got the visa from the Netherlands. But I am going to exit in Belgium.
  • "... But I got the visa from the Netherlands. But I am going to exit in Belgium..."

    Good luck.

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