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how hard is it for a Ukrainian citizen to get tourist visa for the USA?

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I met someone in Ukraine she is 46 she wants to come visit me in the USA I want to avoid the whole Fiancee' VISA thing. Just like her to visit first show her around and see if she likes it here before we get serious, if we do.


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    Odds are a million to one that you are about to get scammed by the best scammers in the world.
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    Well if they both agree they are not serious yet it's premature to say he's being scammed. That said, I've heard it's very difficult for single Ukrainian women to come here by themselves because of the scamming.
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    you are all probably right, you gonna get scammed, under no circumstgances send ANY money, thats the key secret, most of them work for translation agency, they get a cut, after a few mails they say they can't afford any more mail to send so you put money on account, they pile through through account quickly by sending pictures and loads of mails, then you renew your account and so on, attractive girls make a lot of money doing this so does the agency, this is a fact my friends, its easy to spot the signs once you know, quick tips, they tell you they love you, they struggle to pay rent, look for sending same pictures (this costs you money), they send 2-5 every mail, they never answer direct questions, at some point they will ask you for money, lets face it if you want out of a country you wouldn't wait for someone to mail you, on unlimited accounts you get few mails (cos they don't make so much). They usually have about 10 accounts at once so they can't be specific about things and sometimes they slip up, if you went on a local date you would meet them in a few days, these women will drag it on for months claiming they can't get time off work or some other excuse. try to write to one who uses internet cafe and can translate mails, no cost to you, but still be careful as some eventually ask for money, be on you guard the money you lose can be replaced but not you damaged ego or pride. I know women inside out wherever they come from, hope advice stops some of you guys making fools of yourselves, there is some genuine ones but the trick is finding them, best advice if you can't resist, book holiday there for yourself, meet lady in real cicumstances as you normally would but still be aware that some operate in resorts too.


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    I met a ukrainian women over the summer as a student and need help on how to help her get back here to the us. Can anybody help
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    Thanks Steve for your advice. Very true indeed!!
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    guys I am married to a woman from the Ukraine and she is a wonderful wife. There isn't any thing that she would not do for me. I know that there are scam artist in Ukraine, but not all of the women are working that angle. There some that really want to be in America with a American guy. Some of my wife's best friends here in Texas are from the Ukraine and all have family's and jobs.
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    Hi there

    I totally agree with Eddie050. His comments are proportional, balanced and true! I know lots of guys who have formed very successful loving committed relationships with Ukrainian ladies. For some, it took a while but eventually their persistence and learnt wisdom won the day.

    The earlier comments made about women who scam is unnecessarily pessimistic and untrue. I have been to Ukraine 8 times and met some genuinely sincere, decent, kind women. Many are simply looking for a decent responsible guy who will be able to provide a stable foundation and relationship on which to build a loving family. Russians and Ukrainians are a traditional people who highly value the family. Many of these women are very educated and come from good families. They are simply looking for a good man who can become a responsible & loving husband and father.

    There are scammers in Russia & Ukraine, as indeed there are in the West! You just have to educate yourself about the warning signs and use your common sense rather than allow your emotions to get carried away.

    Finding a decent marriage agency who have a system of rigorous screening checks and vet all the ladies individually is partly the key. For me, it's been a question of trial & error & learning from your mistakes. I've now met someone and we are working towards obtaining a visa for the UK to come here this year.

    Yes, it's harder to find a life partner this way but I think people who put in the effort required tend to be the kind who want life long committed relationships and are more willing to work at a relationship than those who just want everything handed to them on a plate without putting in any effort or work.

    The moral here is, you get out what you put in.

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    I have many female friends in Ukraine and not once has any of them ever hit me up for money. I know that there are certainly scam artists in Ukraine and in Russia too, but most of the girls seem to be sincere.

    The key is whether or not they ever ask you for money, If they do, then immediately cut off contact with them. But as long as they don't, it's safe to assume that they're probably OK.

    As for paying to bring them over here to the US for a visit, I'd go meet them in Ukraine first. Then if the two of you hit it off and you're convinced that she isn't trying to just scam you for money, then I think it's OK to make arrangements to bring her over here for a visit.

    The fact is that so many Ukrainian and Russian men were killed in the second world war that balance between the sexes still hasn't been restored in those countries. There is an acute shortage of eligible men there and many of those that are eligible are either drunkards, losers, and/or treat their women like shit. There's a popular saying among women in those countries: "There are a lot of good men here ... and they're all married." So the interest among Ukrainian and Russian women in western men is, in most cases, genuine.
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    hi ive met so many beautiful ladies but most all after a few emails want to marry ? love you forever? or want to move to you? im yet to meet one woman who doesnt talk about sex and just gets on with talking about what were here for
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    What Eddie and Brad say is true. I have been to Kiev, Ukraine myself, and the women I met were genuine. Of course they were interested in American men, genuinely, and the ones I met were not out to scam anyone. Maybe there are some there that would scam, so yes, do be somewhat cautious, but not all. Ukrainian women are beautiful, intelligent (even studied physical and calculus), and kind. They are interested in having families, too. They are generally good women, albeit depressed with their economic situations.

    The best option is for you to fly to Ukraine yourself and visit them. It is safe...safer to walk around at night than in most US cities, believe me. Well worth a trip. And make sure to visit Lviv, as well.

    And if you go to Kiev yourself, you will be totally overwhelmed by the density of beautiful women literally cannot walk for more than 10 seconds without seeing a gorgeous woman.
  • I travelled to Kiev recently and met a girl who I have been chatting on Skype for weeks. I stayed in an apartment with her, it was amazing, she showed me all round Kiev and introduced me to her family. She never asked me for any money. But one concern I have is this, she constantly askes me to marry her in Ukraine, and then come to the UK and live and have family. How can I know for sure to trust her and not  scam me. Please any advice would greatly appreciated.
  • When chatting on SKYPE with this girl did you not discuss what your reasons were for meeting her in Kiev?
    I assume you were intimate when you stayed with her? It might be old fashioned but when you meet a girls family surely that means the relationship is serious.

    So now you are concerned because she wants to marry and move to the UK. Are you really so naive? It might have been just a nice time for you but you have given signals to this girl which means she wants a lot more than a bit of fun.

    You must be aware when hooking up with a woman from a poor country that they want to marry and live in the UK, USA, Europe etc its their only way out of poverty. So why lead this girl on ?

    You do not say how old you are or if she is younger than you etc. but surely if you go talking to a woman on line and then decide to meet her you would have considered the issues of trust and scams and if it is an issue, why go for a foreign woman in the first place.

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    Leefire999 - As I understand it you chatted to a Ukraine girl on SKYPE for a few weeks - went to Kiev - had some inmate relations and you're scared of being scammed because she wants to marry you come to the UK ?

    The answer is straightforward - You have not invested enough time in getting to know this woman before taking on such a big step as marriage.

    If you got married tomorrow it would be over in 3 months - guaranteed. You have no foundation for marriage at all because you hardly know this woman. She may be beautiful and endearing but if you don't spend time and get to know each other slowly there should be no marriage commitment. It is like trying to build a house with no foundation - the house comes crashing down in stormy weather when the marriage is tested and conflict comes and you can't stand each other because there is no trust. My parents are married for 50 years and it works because they took time to gain each others trust.

    Before I met my fiancee in Ukraine we wrote endless letters to one another and spoke periodically on the phone. By the time we finally met when I flew from UK to Ukraine , she was like a girlfriend I had known for a long time and it was easy to become a couple. But, I didn't ask her to marry me until another few trips and 6 months had passed.  Take your time, my friend,  in getting to know the Ukraine ladies.

    As for your current lady, I am not suggesting she could not become your wife as it could work. But, you need to hold your ground and take time to get to know her much better before considering engagement. If she is not prepared to wait then find another lady that will.

    There are loads of other lovely woman to choose from. Just take it slow.
  • I am sorry that there is still such a stereo type about Ukrainian woman wanting to leave their country for a green card or some scam. The advice about worldwide love letter scams are well documented and the telltale signs more obvious than not. However, I want to make something very clear, you get what you put into anything, I have been writing woman in Ukraine for more than three years now. I have seen it all and the worst scammers are in Nigeria. That being said any person traveling abroad can be an easy target. I have received over 22000 letters from woman in Ukraine and while I do not have the time to read much less respond to them all I can honestly say their communications with me have always been respectful and 99% have been uplifting always trying to pass on their naturally positive outlook on life. I have met amazing beautiful and very intelligent woman, most are educated and have many values lacking in our social cycles. I have learned so much about the country, cultures religion, love, sex and family. These woman are very passionate and head strong but in any relationship this is a balancing act. I believe if you are looking for love it is difficult no matter where you look, however if you are willing to take the time to understand woman from Ukraine I think you will be pleasantly surprised. What men in the west don't realize is the hard working Ukraine woman do well, not by our standards, but they have style and know how to celebrate being a woman, its not cheap for them, but it is important for their self confidence. Be a gentleman, respectful, and honest to start and they will open a world you only dreamed of.
  • What I would like to know is how hard is it for Ukrainian woman to get visa to enter USA, it will most likely be nonimagrant tourists visa, for a couple week stay
  • @mrwesman
    Here is the link to the US Embassy in Kiev
    The cost of the visa is $160
    It is difficult to obtain a B2 visit visa to the US and will depend on her employment , how much money she has in her bank account,strong ties to the Ukraine , the reason for the trip and other factors.
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