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Schengen visas

I hold Indian Passport with Multiple entry UK visas. Can I get senghen visas from London?


  • It depends what Schengen country you want to visit as some allow visitors to the UK to apply but some dont.
    For example France does not allow the holders of a UK visit visa to apply.
  • I hold a Ghanaian passport with leave to remain in the uk. Will it be hard to get a Schengen visa for france for 6 months on first application with intention to re visit and also visit other contries in the agreement?
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    It is probably much easier for those with a UK residence permit to be granted a Schengen visa. I assume if you are self employed you are either a Tier 1 Entrepreneur or you have  Indefinite Leave to Remain. Employed or self employed status is irrelevant , you must provide six months bank statements and proof of your work

    On your first application you must just state the reason for your visit, you never mention future plans, you need to build up your credibilty until you will be granted a two year visa.

    Your first visa may not be for six months but purely for the time you wish to visit for example one month, but it can usually be extend in the Schengen country that you visit.

    Remember you can only stay a maximum of 90 days in any six month period in the Schengen zone.

  • Thank you again.
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