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Egypt passport urgent

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All I'm hoping someone can help, my husband has a barbados passport with indefinite leave to remain in the uk passport valid 10 years We are leaving for Egypt on 8th jane to shalm can he get a visa when we get to their airport as I was told yes but hearing different things

Please help


  • Your husband does require a visa for Egypt. The fact your husband has ILR in the UK is irrelevant.
  • I know he needs a visa but can he buy when he gets their for a 14 day holiday world embassy says no visa required prior can buy on entry if less than 30 days this is why I am confused

    Can he get visa when there
  • I have no idea who world embassy are. Some sites do say a Barbadian citizen can purchase a visa on entry for US$15 but the Egyptian Embassy says different.

    The link I gave you is to the Egyptian Embassy in London.I suggest you contact them asap on Monday as I agree information is conflicting.
  • Sorry more questions - Just in case can I just turn up at the embassy in London in person to apply for a visa Monday morning
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    The reason I gave you the link to the Egyptian Embassy website is because it gives you all the info you require, It clearly says lodging visa application office hours 9.30 to 12.30 Monday to Friday. Please read the information on the link to the Egyptian Embassy site,

    Your husband will need to fill in this form
    He will need to go to the embassy as he is the person who needs the visa. Take all evidence of your holiday, reservation , hotel tickets etc.your passports, marriage certificate, latest bank statements, proof of your home address in the UK.
    Good luck
  • You say he will need to go but it days I can go for him as long as he signs is this not correct
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    Normally the person applying for the visa must attend the appointment in person , unless the application is by post. Why can't your husband go to the Egyptian Embassy ?  What do you mean its days? You simply go on Monday at the times sepcified on the Egyptian Embassy site.

    The Embassy may make your husband sign other documents for example sign on collection once the visa is issued. I am a UK immigration lawyer, I am not making this up as I go along.

    Sorry to state the obvious but if you had verified this with the Egyptian Embassy in Londion who are the representatives of the Egyptian government, instead of looking at some websites, you would not be in this predicament. Better to do things right this time.

  • This is even more confusing then as the website you said in London FAQ's actually say can someone else apply on my behalf and the answer to that was yes as long as he has signed everything himself, are you saying this is not the case

    He cannot go due to work unable to get time off
  • Then follow the website instructions and I hope you get things sorted.
  • Anyone else help, as I even more confused it will cost me £100 to travel to London and I do not want to be turned away
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    Please read numbers 16 and 18 in the frequently asked questions section. You can make the application, because the visa is not issued on the same day, it would be ready in two working days.
    Can someone else apply on my behalf? 
    16.Yes, however, each applicant must complete and sign his/her own application form.
    Can someone else collect my passport on my behalf? 
    18   Yes, however, this person must carry an authorization letter from the applicant, as well as provide the ticket showing a tracking number which was given to the applicant. This person will also be required to identify himself/herself with an ID card / passport and sign in order to acknowledge receipt of the applicant's passport

    In my experience people apply for their own visass in this case the Egyptian Governments allows you to do it
    Stop being confused and follow these instructions from the Government of Egypt

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