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Qatar entry requirements?

edited July 2009 in Middle East
I have a friend who is working in Qatar. He has invited me to visit him there for several months. We will use Qatar as a base and center for trips in surrounding countries, like Saudi, Iran, Pakistan, and maybe India, Egypt and even Greece and Turkey. All depends on the amount of time and money we will have available.

I would like to know if a Qatar multiple entry (re-entry) visa is available and how much it might cost, where to apply. I have a travel agent here in USA, but the costs there are prohibitive for visa applications. I want to do this on a limited budget. I have a USA visa. I am aged 76. It is a rare opportunity for me see parts of the world I have missed.


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    i wanted to visit qatar sometime in november 3-8 '09 to watch the FIVB World Men's Club Volleyball Championship.
    currently, i'm staying in Dubai UAE with a valid residence visa, working as a document controller in a semi-government company. I have some friends who are working in doha and it's ok with them for me to stay in their place.
    what type of visa do i need then? where can i apply for it? what documents do i need to present?
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    Hi, I'm visiting Qatar along with my wife, I'm Saudi and she's Palestenian with Lebanese passport, my question: Do she needs a visit visa or like Bahrain without.If yes where can I apply for it?
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