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nigerian romancer

edited December 2014 in Scams
I was approached on Facebook by my Music Page .asked for my phone number & email address.I have been romanced from midnight to 4.00 in the morning.daily until now .there has been many requests for money.always the phone makes a loud beeping noise & the connection in bad.this cell number is listed to a man in Miami ,fl.supposedly he is in Nigeria installing satellite systems & has been robbed..the job is complete but must have a test run for the price of 1000 more dollars before they will pay the additional 150.000. .first it was 2200 that was required .but I do think the personality changes from call to is sweet the other not so much.


  • Debra, this is a scam, if this man is an American citizen and he has been robbed he should seek assistance from the US Embassy, not ask you for money.

    Nigerians are more than capable of installing there own satelite systems. Nigeria launched its first satelite in 2005 and its second satelite on 2011 all without the help of foreigners or your scammer. Foreigners in Nigerian work in the oil industry not installing satelites

    Of course his personality changes, its hard to keep up with all these lies.

    Don't send money and  offload this man asap
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