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What visa does a Nigerian need to visit US?

edited December 2014 in Scams
Ive been dating this guy online for 21 months....he is from the UK....since we meet he went to Nigeria to we are reaady to meet he is still in Nigeria. What type of VISA does he need to file to come to the U S to visit me so we can see if the love interest we've shared over the months will take us yo the next phase of romance to marry. Thank you


  • If this man is a British citizen then he does not need a visa to enter the USA he simply fills in the ESTA inline before he travels.

    If he is not British he will need to apply for a US tourist visa at the US Embassy in Abuja or Lagos.

    I find it very strange that a British citizen should go to work in Nigeria unless its for the oil industry.where they earn top wages.It is very difficult for foreigners to work in Nigeria.  Is this man of Nigerian heritage?
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