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PTA scam from Nigeria

edited December 2014 in Scams

I am trying to find any info on a lady called Stephanie Buar from Malaysia, she is currently living in Nigeria and asking me for Personal Travel Allowance for £2000-00 and she says this is a neccessity in that country,please tell me if this is needed and true, i welcome anyones advice.


  • This is a scam, without any doubt. Stop any contact with her (or him)
    Visit for destination advice
  • Of course it's a scam. Stop being a sucker.

  • edited December 2014
    There is no such thing as PTA ,personal travel allowance also called BTA ,Basic Travel Allowance , these are made up by scammers to defraud fools like you from their money. Just Google PTA and you can see its a scam.
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