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South African passport renewal in the UK

edited December 2014 in - South Africa
Hi there,

I'm hoping someone out there can help me or give me advice on the above - the South African embassy website is not clear enough and I've tried calling but can never seem to get through to an actual human being!

I need to renew my South African passport and will be making my application from London as I currently live here. My issue is that I lost my ID document a few years back and have never bothered to get a new one as I've never needed it whilst living over here. I have a certified copy of it and I have my original birth certificate, but on the website it says that you need BOTH your ID and old passport to apply for a new one, so I was wondering whether I could apply with my birth certificate instead of my ID, or will I need to apply for a new ID document first? 

Another spanner to throw in the works is that I am married so want to change my surname in my new document - it says you need to submit your request to do this in writing but does not really specify any further.

Please help!


  • You need to go to the South African High Commision in person as only they can answer your questions.

    South African High Commission
    Home Affairs
    Consular Section
    15 Whitehall 
    London SW1A 2DD 

    +44 (0) 20 7925 8900

    The office dealing with South African passport holders will be opened from 08h45 to 12h45 Monday to Friday except on public holidays. Collections will be from 08h45 - 12h45

  • Hi there,
    Alethia is correct and I'm afraid you will have to get expert advice on this. However, I can tell you that I recently got married and as I had my South African ID stolen earlier in the year I applied for a new ID with only my marriage certificate and passport. I applied within South Africa which no doubt makes things easier, but there was no problem at all. They never even asked me where my old ID was. So, it might be worth your while to just apply for a new ID in your married name first, using your birth certificate, passport and marriage certificate, and then renew your passport. Worth checking if they'll let you do it all at the same time though... 
  • Thanks for the comments ladies!

    I think you are both right and I'll have to bite the bullet and just go in. Hopefully I can do all of it in one go instead of having to make multiple trips to the embassy.

    Ella, I have found dealing with home affairs tends to be less painful when applying from within South Africa!
  • I am in a similar situation. I have dual British&South African citizenship and in December 2014 went back to SA for a week's holiday. Upon arrival, they noticed that my SA passport had expired a year ago! (I am usually very organised! ) They warned me but then stamped my British Passport that basically says I have residency in SA and am allowed to enter. On my return back, I immediately looked into getting my SA passport renewed at the SA House as we are due to get married there on 7th April 2015 ! They told me it takes 4 months or longer, so decided to use an agency in SA. After much money spent on a courier and getting fingerprints taken, my passport renewal application has not yet arrived with the agency and I now believe there is a HUGE backlog in passport renewal applications, which means that I may still not get it back in time. With all the best intention in the world, I am now panicking. Does anyone in this thread have any positive updates that may help?
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