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marriage visa

edited December 2014 in India and Asia


  • reply me as soon as possible
  • There must be a reason why your wife does not pay income tax on her second job, Her Majestys Revenue and Customs set the guidelines for tax payments and as long as your wifes employer is paying her correctly bit won't be a problem.The figure of £18600set by the Home Office iis before tax.

    Touseef , I know you are concerned about your application but its too late to do anything now. You and your wife made thge application without any legal advice so you must keep your fingers crossed and wait for the application to processed.
  • she working with a agency she think may b they pay tax for her we just found on p60 she paying
  • any way thanks for ur advise u such a great person who helping of everyone may God bless u..
  • Hi i am pakistani married to brithish women and planing to apply for spouse visa but the problem is my wife has 3 kids she from x hasbend currently she is not working living alone with her kids gvt paying her for the expenses she cannot show any bank statment infact show do not have any money to show that she can support me so what is the solution ?
  • Not to be rude, but you'll never be granted a UK Visa and for that I am happy.

  • You married a divorced woman with three children of whom you are not the father , your wife does not work and is in receipt of state benefits.In the United Kingdom many women with children go to work but women like your wife use children as an excuse not to work. In fact its highly likely your wife has never worked.

    Under the present UK immigration rules you have no chance whatsoever to obtain a spouse visa to live in the UK. To sponsor you to settle in the UK your wife must be earning£18,600 per annum, for a minimum of six months, have a bank statements showing her salary being paid, paylsips and pay tax etc

    The visa fee is £950 Pak Rupees 142,009 you can wave goodbye to that money if you apply for a UK visa.

    If this was an arranged marriage for you to enter the UK you married the wrong woman. Solution, divorce or ask her to live in Pakistan as you won't be going to the UK.
  • CheersT dnt worry everything is possible and i am sure you will be more happy once i get it lols
  • Unless the British government changes the law which is highly unlikely or your wife goes to work and earns £18600 per annum before tax which is even more unlikely, you won't be granted a visa. UIn this case "everything" is not possible.

    if your wife tries ro make false documents to support your application and you are discovered which will happen as British Immigration employs excellent intelligence officers, you will be banned for 10 years.
  • shahzz, thanks for confirming that you're just another scammer looking for a free ride out of Pakistan...

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