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Visa to Marry in France

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Hi all, I would like your help, I was wondering do you need a visa to marry in Paris? I know through looking on the Internet, you have to be a resident for 40 days. I'm thinking of getting hitch this Christmas.


  • ...... but obviously I can't get that amount of time off work!!
  • Also, my future father in law was in the French embassy about thirty years ago. Does that count??
  • How can you possibly expect anyone to offer Visa advice when you give zero clue as to your nationality, the nationality of your fiance, where you and her reside, etc?

  • Hi, I do apologise son, we are both from East Midlands U.K. I'm irish and my fiancé is Pakistani. We would like to get hitch in Paris at Christmas because we are planing on taking our children to Disneyland.
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    Ned, you want to get married in Paris so you can take your kids to Disneyland? What does marriage have to do with a visit to a theme park? All you likely need to visit Disneyland Paris is a Schengen Visa for your fiance and kids to enter France...

    I'll leave it to the resident expert Alethia to respond, but she'll need more info like what kind of Foreign Visa does she and the kids have to reside in the UK. Any Visa/Travel advice is useless without all the facts.

    Good luck and congrats on the wedding.

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    Ned your British so no visa required., What type of visa does your Pakistani fiance hold to enable them to remain in the UK, what nationality are the children?  If your fiance ( male or female) needs a Schengen visa then this may make your wish to marry in Paris very difficult.

    It is hard enough for British citizens to marry in France and you definately do have to be resident for 40 days. It is more difficult for non Europeans. Here is what the British Embassy Paris has to say.

    As Disneyland is your main priority I suggest you marry in the UK and spend your honeymoon in Disneyland.

  • @Alethia Hi, I hope you're doing well. I'm an international student in the UK under a Tier4 visa. I've got plans to stay in the UK or Europe in general after my degree if I find a job. Indeed, having a job in the UK as an international must be a grace from god hence, I've got to find other ways.

    Here are my questions please, is it possible to get married in France under a tourist Schengen visa with a Nigerian girl living in Lyon since 14 years now with a renewable resident card of one year known as ''vie privee et familial'' ? She's in the process of asking French citizenship as she strongly deserved it.

    if we can get married, which right would I benefit after marriage and what documentation do I need before getting married with her bearing in mind my present status in the UK?

    Also, can I get the same French resident permit/card as her even if she's not yet French after getting married to her?

    Do I need to get French source of income knowing that I'm currently in the UK for a degree?

    Any advice would be of any help please.

  • @int_browser
    Marrrying in France is a nightmare and not for the faint hearted. It would probably be easier for you to marry in the UK

    Your fiancee needs to to her local marriage office and ask if you are able to marry on a tourist. Some marriage office do not accept tourist visas.
    If they agree your fiancee needs to obtain a list of documents that are required for the wedding.

    For example all your documents will require am apostille from your own country . For example an official copy of your birth certificate no older than 6 months must be translated into French and bear an apostille.
    The same with the Certificate de Cotoume
    These documents must be issued from your own country or embassy.

    Your fiancee is not a French citizen and therefore you will not be granted a French residence permit or be on the same status as her as she does not have permanent residence.

    14 years is a long time to be on the vie privee et familale visa normally citizenship is granted after 5 years.

    You do not need an income in France.

    On top of all of this there is no guarantee you will be granted a Schengen visa.
    Good luck your going to need it.
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    @Alethia thanks a lot for your prompt respond but I've not still got a proper solution to my case.

    In the U.K. How many years do you need to proof before been a citizen in the country bearing in mind that your degree is 3 years. What are the conditions to fulfill and documentation to provide ?

    I know having a graduate job in the Uk can do but having a job as I mention before is a nightmare.

    All i want is to stay legally stay in the U.K. after my degree. What is the right pattern to follow?

    Thanks for your luck as I'd strongly need that with powerful prayers
  • @int_browser
    You have moved the goal posts. First you want to be married in France now you want to stay in the UK

    The years in the UK, DO NOT count towards permanent residence and later citizenship.
    You would need to fit the criteria for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Tier 2 in a shortage occupation.
  • @Alethia marrying is France is a fix project and the procedure is already in place. But, I instead want to get married in France and stay in the U.K. as France isn't my target I'm afraid. Anywhere, I've got an idea on what to expect already from your advice. I'll double check everything and if I'm stuck somewhere I'll get back to you clarification pls.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hi Everyone!

    I am Jeanel, and I would like to ask your ideas or perhaps your experiences about my concern. Well, I and my Fiancee are planning to marry in France this year, reason why i applied for Fiancee visa (short stay), in order to be able to go to France and to be with him finally. But the thing was, i got my visa result today and it was refused.I am really sad about this because we waited a long time for this so we can be with each other finally. My question is, Can i re-apply for the visa again in the same embassy? I really need some your help right now.
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    Please can you please tell us your nationality, what country do you live in, your age and your job. Once we have this information we can help you.
    Is your fiance French?
    By the way, what was the reason for the refusal.
  • "... I really need some your help right now..."


    Then do your part by giving proper info. As it stands now your question is meaningless.

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