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Getting Married in Nigeria

edited January 2015 in Africa
Going to Nigeria to get married this summer. Scared as hell for many reasons. Wanting to know every detail of what I should expect. I love him is all the reason I need. I am determined to be prepared.HELP!!!


  • What country are you from? Where are you going to in Nigeria and have you met this man?
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    "... Scared as hell for many reasons..."

    I assume the biggest reason you're scared is that you've never met him or his family - and you've never travelled to a developing country before. Have you even been outside the US?

    If that's the case (and please correct me if I'm wrong) then I'd be scared as hell too because it's potentially a very dangerous situation and one that no rational person would ever risk.

    Good luck.

  • I wonder if you ever pursued the marriage and how did it urn out?
  • I am also getting married in Nigeria and traveling in the summer but im also taking my time to make preperations for this marriage, yes I am nervous but at the same time feel like this is real. I never traveled out of the US before but serious in taking these steps and taking advice from people who know me also say it is very dangerous.
  • How much one-on-one time have you spent with your fiance?

  • If Ayisaflower has never been outside the US then I am sure she has never met her fiance.
  • It was a rhetorical question... ;-)

  • My husband received a copy of a marriage license in his email from a girl in Africa who he has been giving advice to. He/ We never been to Africa and we have been married for 9 yrs. Can it be real? I need to know what can we do about this MESS?
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    Firstly your husband needs to stop all contact with this woman . The African marriage certificate is not real and this is a scam, it is not the first time on this forum we have heard of these fake marriage certificates. They are easily obtained in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia and are used like this to scam money

    If you have never met this woman or seen her on Skype then "she " could even be a "he"
    Its not a mess its a scam. Why was your husband advising this person in the first place?

    This marriage certificate has no legal validity your husband and you must stop all communication with this person, change phone numbers and emails if you have to.
  • Thanks Alethia
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