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Schengen visa complications - Turk national

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I'm in New Zealand for a short visit but normally live on board a yacht currently in Greece. My Turkish wife has been given 2 schengen visas so far by the Greek embasy in Izmir. The 2nd of these has only 12 days left before it expires. On the way back to NZ we visited the Greek embassy in Izmir so as to organise a new visa. We were informed that this was not possible until the days left on the previous visa were used, and at this time she would need to return to Izmir for the new visa. Our plan after flying back from NZ to Greece was to sail to Italy. Returning to Izmir will be possible but awkward and expensive because she will have to fly.


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    I am not sure if I follow what the question is. You have 12 days on your existing visa and want to know if you can either extend it or apply for new visa before the current visa expires, right? If that is the case, you really have to wait. The current visa can't be extended, and the new visa can be applied when the current visa is done.
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    I forgot to mention, even if you were able to apply for a new visa right away, remember that you can't be in the schengen zone for more than 90 days out of 180 days. So, even if you got the visa, you would probably be unable to stay depending on the duration of your previous travel.
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