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marrying my tunisian boyfriend

edited January 2015 in Africa
hi everyone

could anyone please help me with information that we need to marry in tunisia or england,which is easier and what documents we both need, im very confused as every website says different? please help

vanessa from england ,


  • It is easier to marry in Tunisia. Do you understand that to marry in the UK you would need a fiance visa and you need to be earning a minimum salary of £18600 per annum and the visa costs £850 .

    Most people marry in Tunisia and then apply for a settlement visa to enable the spouse to join them in the UK. 
    The settlement visa costs the same as a fiance visa £850 Your partner must pass an English language exam and you must earn £18600 plus suitable accomodation.

    To marry in Tunisia you will require the following documents:-

    1 You require a Certificate of Non Impediment from the register office in your home town This document confirms your free to marry.
    2 Your birth certificate, you need to collect a copy from the register office that must be issued no more than 21 days old before you marry in Tunisia
    3 Your British passport
    4 If you have been married before you will need your divorce certificate or death certificate if your previous spouse died.
    These documents must be translated to French or Arabic when you arrive in Tunisia for the wedding.  A local Tunisian notary can translate and certify your documents
    You both need blood tests carried out in Tunisia
    Your fiance can go to his local Bureau de l'Etat Civil Municipalite to book the civil wedding.
    Only civil weddings are legal in Tunisia and the civil wedding is recognised in the UK

  • thankyou thats a great help
  • also do you know how much it is for a wedding?
  • Sorry I do not know, surely your fiance needs to sort this out. Lesley our expert member on Tunisia maybe able to help you.
  • Vanaessa - depends how much you want to spend! Here the sky is the limit. You can pay as little as tnd100 to the notaire for the contract and have couscous afterwards. If you think to go the whole hog and have henna night, contract night, then the party and you want it in a Salle de Fete or at a hotel you better have an open cheque book.
  • Hi what if your earnings are under 18600 due to being a carer for my autistic son would my Tunisian husband to be not be able to live with us in uk thanks
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