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I'm falling in love on line, how to know if he's serious

edited January 2015 in Australasia
I met a guy from the US and we have been chatting for more than a month..and now the scary part is that. .im falling in love with him, we talked a lot on chat and Skype video, reached 5 to 6 hours chatting every day and doubled on weekends. We even celebrated New Year online and our first month chatting. One day..he told me, he was in love with me..I knew to myself too that I am in love but I feel afraid that he is not serious about us..I need advice to at least have an idea if I need to continue this or need to stop.i don't want to get hurt.


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    First of all, you haven't met anyone yet, you've become acquainted with someone on a computer screen. In any case, how in the world can strangers on the Internet possibly have an opinion on this situation? It's impossible.

    Do what a grown up would do: Buy a plane ticket. Go visit him. Figure it out.

    Happy New Year and good luck.

  • Thanks a lot Terry, it's either he or I will do that right? But for now, need to wait for it's only few months since we first met...I just need to control feelings for now..thanks again
  • Don't send him amy money and it's all good.

  • Pie, I don't believe you can fall in love via a computer screen, I think its infatuation. As Terry says buy a ticket visit each other but if this man asks you for money dump him straight away.
  • Oh yes..I read post from scammers yes, I really appreciate the advises you both give.On my case, there is no money involved...I got a chance even on Skype a lot of times too to see the house, from kitchen to bedroom and cars in the garage, even in his office...just a little worried about the most cases of such engineers because he is also an engineer. ..yes, I think maybe only infatuation but not sure yet..
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