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Visa for pakistan

edited January 2015 in India and Asia
How i meet my girl frnd lived in pakistan.we love each other since 4 years i am from we close the distance which r the obstacle in our i meet her and merry with her as i know there is ristricted rules in our country.plz guide me about the visa and passport and what are the formulties which i have to fullfill


  • If you are from Azad Kashmir then you are  also Pakistani but if you are from Jammu Kashmir in India then you have little or no chance of marrying this girl and you know that.
  • I am from jammu and kashmir but y not i could merry with that girl
  • Well go and make an Indian passport travel to Pakistan and see if her parents will allow your marriage.
  • She hadn't paresnts they have died in her childhood but in her family she had two sisters and a brother she is younger of them.her sister r known about our love one of them supports us and offers me to come pakistan to marrey with her sister
  • But my parents are unknown about my love nor i could tell them but when i go pakistan i will tell them the truth before i leave my home
  • edited January 2015
    I have applied for a passport how much time it will take and should i go pakistan on a passport what is vesa is that necessery tooo
  • Surely you were advised by the authorities as to how long  it would take to process your passport. I believe a first passport can take up to two months to be processed

    Here is how to apply for a Pakistani visa.
  • Can i get admission in any pakistani college/university
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